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Q & A With Blogger So Dear: Women's Basketball Edition

This week's Q & A feature will take you for a little bit of a loop. For the first time in Gobbler Country history (I believe), we are doing a women's basketball Q & A. John Mundy over at SB Nation's Wake Forest blog, Blogger So Dear reached out to us to see if we'd be interested, so here is our part. Also, here are my answers to John's questions.

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During the Q & A I refer to myself as GC (GobblerCountry) and John as BSD (Blogger So Dear). Also, here are my answers to John's questions. Enjoy, and GO HOKIES!

Here are the three questions we asked each other:

  1. Player(s) to watch: if I'm scouting Wake Forest, who am I keying on?
  2. Key departures/additions to this year's squad
  3. Strengths/weaknesses
BSD: On the Wake Forest end, they are still adjusting to a new coaching staff and a new system. They are getting up and down the floor in transition, as the coach believes that's when this squad is at their best. The key player to watch will be Dearica Hamby in the post. Lengthy post player who will be a beast once she gets a little tougher.

Obviously, Wake is lacking the scoring from senior Secily Ray but the new system from coach Jen Hoover has resulted in PG Chelsea Douglas, Lakevia Boykin and Asia Williams forming an effective triumvirate on offense. Their biggest weakness as I see it is continual slow starts and inconsistent rebounding. Strengths are team toughness and transition offense.

Thanks again to John for joining us for the Q & A. And if you're ever tempted to hear the viewpoints of our conference's least offensive fan base, make sure to check out Blogger So Dear. Also, here are my answers to John's questions. For your Virginia Tech basketball fix, both men's and women's, act like you're drawing a charge and don't move a muscle, because you're here, at Gobbler Country.