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Very Important Information About Virginia Tech's Softball Team

  • Freshman 3B Kelsey Mericka (Fuck yeah!) is hitting .231.
  • Oh, the rest of the team? But none of them give me a reason to embed a Team America song with lots of swearing. Fine. They're 6-0 for the first time since 2006 when they started 10-0.
  • They travel to Auburn, Ala., this weekend and will face three Top 15 teams that advanced to last year's Women's College World Series (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Alabama).
  • That means we'll figure out how good this team really is. Of their first five opponents (they played UNC Greensboro twice) only one (Jacksonville) made last year's NCAA Tournament.
  • Courtney Liddle and Dani Anderson are once again Tech's top two hitters, the top returning pitcher Jasmin Harrell's K/BB ratio has improved though it's early in the season and Liddle's sister Bailey looks like she's going to be the Hokies' second option in the circle.
  • You should be following head coach Scot Thomas on The Twitter.