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Daniel Rodriguez Featured on Dan Rather Reports

Above is the preview from HD Net.

VTPhreak has uploaded the full feature (Part 1, Part 2). Outstanding stuff. Hopefully we'll see Daniel Rodriguez in orange and maroon soon.

If you're just learning about Rodriguez, he's an Army veteran who was injured in Afghanistan and is now trying to fulfill his dream of playing college football. A life-long Virginia Tech fan, he's hoping Frank Beamer will give him his shot.

If you want to read more on Rodriguez, check out T. Sean Herbert's story on The Post Game at Yahoo! Sports. It's an incredibly inspiring story.

"One of my fears is that ten years down the road," Rodriguez says, "I'm gonna look back in my life and say I didn't set out and try to achieve everything I wanted to. I see so many of my friends settle for the nine-to-five and talk about what they wanted to do. And I refuse."