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Logan Thomas And Kyle Fuller Selected To Represnt Hokies At ACC Kickoff

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The annual ACC Kickoff (Media Days), which take place on July 22-23 at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, N.C. will feature Logan Thomas and Kyle Fuller as the Hokies' representatives.

Each team selects two players to represent their program at the event, one offensive player and one defensive player. Though Thomas and Fuller appear to be the two logical picks, the Hokies are eschewing tradition and their own history by sending two non-seniors to the event, which is typically senior dominated.

Thomas and Fuller were both 2nd team All-ACC performers a year ago, although cases can be made that both were worthy of 1st team honors (particularly for Fuller, I won't argue Boyd's selection over Thomas).

It is a little puzzling not to see a senior from the defensive side with guys like Bruce Taylor and JGW having been multiple-year starters. Perhaps they were not elected to represent the team because they are recovering from injury. It is a little more understandable on offense however, as Thomas is the unquestioned leader and there are only three returning starters. There are also very few seniors (Nick Becton, Marcus Davis, Dyrell Roberts and Michael Via) that have made significant impacts on the field.

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