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Rumor Confirmed: Brian Laiti Leaves Virginia Tech Football Program

If you follow the blog on Twitter, you might remember a tweet from a couple of nights ago (Tuesday to be exact) in which we announced we had heard a pretty unexpected rumor concerning Virginia Tech football, and we would try to officially confirm it. VT Scoop's Jon Iezzi (247 Sports) broke the rumor, and several readers approached me to determine its validity. Despite two days/nights of unanswered texts, calls, Facebook messages and plenty of posturing, we are finally able to confirm it. Brian Laiti has left the Virginia Tech football program.

Laiti, a redshirt-sophomore mike linebacker, had yet to see the field for the Hokies, and had also failed to enter the Hokies official two-deep on the depth chart at any point. Laiti was a three-star recruit according to the three major recruiting services at the time. Apparently Laiti angered the coaches in 2011 and was no longer on scholarship at the time he decided to leave the team. The only indication of why he might have decided to leave the team this close to the start of the season might be that he was unhappy with playing time. His Hokiesports profile has already been removed from the site.

So for those of you thinking I was just creating a publicity stunt for the site, you can see there actually was a rumor and that I didn't fabricate it or pull it out of thin air. Some readers have even said they understand and appreciate the site making sure it was correct before running it. That is not a veiled shot at VT Scoop or 247 Sports for running it. If they felt confident enough to go with it or had it confirmed, kudos to them. We unfortunately did not and were not able to until now. Good luck to Laiti in all his future endeavors.