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NCAA Viewing Guide/Open Thread: Week 8

Well our Hokies get the weekend off so why don't you sit back, relax and enjoy this weekend's games with this open thread. Use this to talk about the games you're watching, the beer you're drinking, the belly button fuzz you're picking, whatever, man. The world is your oyster.

I found this when searching "Clemson Florida State" so I'm obviously going to use it.
I found this when searching "Clemson Florida State" so I'm obviously going to use it.
Streeter Lecka


No. 11 South Carolina at Tennessee, noon, ESPN

Ol' Ball Coach gets to play one of his favorite opponents.This quote doesn't make much sense these days, but one of the best quotes from Spurrier was "You can't spell Citrus without UT". The Old Balls Coach Spurrier coached the Gamecocks to a 52-7 win over Arkansas last week in which they held the Razorbacks to 30 passing yards. THIRTY. Tennessee, howeva, is coming off a bye week following a narrow 34-31 OT loss to Georgia. Tennessee showed well against Georgia, but their wins this year? Austin Peay, Western Kentucky and South Alabama. Not much to write home about. Still, Tennessee's schedule has gotta be the toughest in the nation. Take a look at the ranked opponents (though some may not be by the time they play) on their schedule: No. 2 Oregon, No. 19 Florida, No. 6 Georgia, No. 11 South Carolina, No. 1 Alabama, No. 14 Missouri, No. 24 Auburn. That's uh, pretty tough.

No. 16 Texas Tech at West Virginia, noon, FOX SPORTS 1

Texas Tech joins Louisville as the fluffiest of the undefeated teams. What's that? Louisville lost to UCF? #gofutureacc. TT has one decent win over No. 24 TCU, which really isn't that impressive now that the Horned Frogs are 3-3. WVU is capable of showing up once in a blue moon and considering the moon was enormous last night and WVU fans are always wearing navy-tinted glasses, IT'S A BLUE MOON. TTU has plenty of offensive firepower and they're going up against a team that can give up points (73 to Baylor!) so this might be one of those games that's fun to watch and laugh. And then cry. And then wonder why you're watching Texas Tech and WVU.

TCU at No. 21 Oklahoma State, noon, FOX

So I just ragged on TCU in the previous game preview, so why would I put them in this one? BECAUSE I CAN. And I want you to put yourself through as much Big 12 (or whatever the hell it's called these days) football as possible. It builds character. Builds strunnth from within.

No. 22 Florida at No. 14 Missouri, 12:21 p.m., ESPN3

Mizzou turned in a big performance last week to knock off Georgia in Athens. Really, Athens is Georgia, not the way I said. Ignore me, I don't know how geography works. I mean, hell I thought Boise was it's own state. Boy did I look foolish! ANYWAY. Was Mizzou's performance a week ago lucky or are they the real deal? They've got a very solid offense, but now with James Franklin out 3-5 weeks with a shoulder injury, we'll see how the Tigers can adapt. Ask Darwin.

No. 24 Auburn at No. 7 Texas A&M, 3:30 p.m., CBS

Auburn continues to be one of the surprise teams this year, dropping just one game to LSU. Auburn rushes the ball a lot and has a serviceable defense. But will it be enough to drop the Aggies at home? Personally, I can't stand Manziel's ego/personality, but the kid is incredibly entertaining to watch and can pull off some video game moves. I'll be watching this one.

No. 9 UCLA at No. 13 Stanford, 3:30 p.m., ABC/ESPN2

Yeah, so there are actually quite a few games between top-25 teams this weekend. Also, when the hell did UCLA get to ninth?! Through Ty's undeniably true math post, Virginia Tech is better than Stanford, so if Stanford beats UCLA, we all know what that means.

Duke at Virginia, 3:30 p.m., ESPN3 (or check locally)

Because the Hokies play Duke next?? I don't know. Just watch it and yell at your TV. Or, more than likely, laugh at your TV. I think you'll probably end up laughing.

No. 6 LSU at Ole Miss, 7 p.m., ESPN2

After a narrow win over Florida last week, the Tigers go on the road to Oxford to play an Ole Miss team that's reeling from three straight losses. The Manning Factory (not responsible for Donaldven Manning) almost knocked off Texas A&M last week, but fell by three points. I think Ole Miss has some solid talent, but doubt they'll be able to knock off LSU.

No. 5 Florida State at No. 3 Clemson, 8 p.m., ABC

Honestly, if you're not watching this game or don't know what's at stake, you need to read more than this post. No preview necessary.

Washington State at No. 2 Oregon, 10 p.m., FOX SPORTS

Because you'll need more scoring, watch Oregon.

Oregon State at California, 10:30 p.m., ESPN2

Are Oregon State and California people that play sports against each other? This week they are. Several weeks of the year they are. This is a sentence is the last in this post. No, wait. This one is.