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Q & A With BC Interruption

This week in our Q & A series, we welcome our friends from the up in "COLD BAHSTAN" as Frank Beamer so often put it at ACC Media Day, and SB Nation's Boston College Eagles blog, BC Interruption. Make sure to check out all the good stuff they do. A.J. Black, an editor, writer and recruiting analyst from BCI joins us to answer our questions. In this Q & A session, we talk about each team's dud last week, the firing of Jeff Jagodzinski and A.J. makes his prediction for the game! For an Eagle eye perspective of all things Boston College, simply read below.


During the Q & A I refer to myself as GC (GobblerCountry) and A.J. as BCI (BC Interruption). Enjoy, and GO HOKIES!

GC: Seven games into Steve Adazzio's BC coaching career the team is 3-4 and has played several upper-echelon ACC programs pretty tough. How would you characterize BC fans' reaction to him and what he's brought to the table thus far, especially considering what the last few years have been like? If different, what are your own personal feelings?

BCI: I have to say given the talent he was handed most fans think that Addazio is doing a pretty admirable job. He has the right mind set for the Eagles, making them a physical hard nosed team, something that is resonating with fans, players and even recruits. There are a few out there that are already on his case about some of his calls, some of which are deserving (see 2 minute drills), but for the most part we are happy with how BC has stayed competitive with good teams.

GC: Chase Rettig has improved every year under some less than ideal circumstances. What have you seen from him this season that you like/dislike. Is he having the type of season befitting of a 3+ year starting senior?

BCI: I am going to have to disagree with you and say that Rettig hasn't improved this season. BC fans have heard it all year that Rettig's growth has been stunted by his 5 OC's that he has been handed in his time at the Heights. But some fans have started to grow a little impatient with Rettig's play of late. He has made some brutal turnovers in the past two games, and looks completely lost when any pressure is thrown at him. He locks in too quickly on Alex Amidon and has struggled to work past his first read. That being said he has been a solid play action QB, and a decent game manager, but I wouldn't expect too much out of him.

GC: Andre Williams has been a revelation for BC, and I'm guessing one of the reasons the Eagles have won three games so far. What does he bring to the offense that the team hasn't had perhaps since the departure of Montel Harris?

BCI: Williams has been a huge surprise this year, and has become one of the better running backs I have seen in the maroon and gold. He put on about thirty pounds of muscle in the off season, and he has used all that power to basically just run over defenders. He's quick, but not overly fast, and an improved offensive line has helped him improve. Finally, he's been healthy, probably the first time in his college days.

GC: I hate to open up old wounds, but what was going through Gene DeFilippo's mind when he fired Jeff Jagodzinski in 2009 for interviewing with the Jets about their head coaching vacancy? Did the BC community seem to support him, or were there calls for his head? Lastly, talk about the move in hindsight. Do you think if he were still the AD he would've made that move again?

BCI: Gene Defilippo had some warped priorities when he let go of Jeff Jagodzinski in 2009. For some reason GDF wanted his coach to be blindly loyal to his school, which honestly in this college football landscape is foolish. So he let him go. And what did he get in return. Frank Spaziani, a coach that had no choice but to stay at BC, and was completely inept in his role. Would GDF do it again? I would guess yes, because he strikes me as hard headed and someone who would have made the same mistakes given the opportunity. Thank god there is a change in administration at BC.

GC: Defensively, the Eagles have been below average so far (or at least the stats suggest so). What do you think their biggest weakness has been and if you were Scot Loeffler or Frank Beamer, what would you try to exploit?

BCI: BC's defensive schemes have been to blitz like crazy and try to get at the QB. This has been a feast or famine approach, when BC is on they get to the QB (19 sacks already), but if they miss on a blitz they leave their less than great DB's in single coverage, something that VT could exploit if Thomas can shake the pressure. Third down defense has also been atrocious. Their inability to get off the field has been a huge liability for this defense.

GC: Likewise, how do you think the Eagles will try to make hay against this stout Tech defense?

BCI: Run, run, run. Andre Williams should run the ball over and over again, and hope that he can move the ball against the VT defense. Also look for freshman Myles Willis to be involved both in the running and passing game as well. He's quick and has been a dynamic player when involved. If Rettig wants to throw it, it needs to be off the play action because Rettig isn't good enough to go spread and toss the ball around.

GC: Does anything about how last year's game was played or the Hokies' loss to Duke last week make you feel more confident about an upset?

BCI: No. More so I am worried that BC looked like crap against UNC. I want to see the Eagles offense do something, and VT's defense scares the crap out of me.

GC: Finally it's time to pick the outcome. Who wins, why and by how much?

BCI: Virginia Tech's defense is going to be enough to fluster BC's offense. I don't expect VT to do a lot on offense either, but will score just enough to beat BC. I'm going to say Hokies 13 BC 10.

Thanks again to A.J. for joining us for the Q & A. For all the news and coverage from an Eagle perspective this weekend and throughout the season, make sure to check out BC Interruption. For all the Hokie stuff you could ever want, don't move a muscle. YOU'RE ON IT here at Gobbler Country.