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Talking Virginia Tech-Pittsburgh With Doug Flutie

Earlier today, Boston College legend and Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Doug Flutie was kind enough to talk with us about the Virginia Tech-Pittsburgh match up this weekend, the game a year ago, the ACC race and the Capital One Mascot Challenge. For more details, read below.


Doug Flutie regarding Tech's upcoming match up with Pitt:

On last year's game, Flutie said:

"Pittsburgh was a lot tougher than people thought."

About what the Hokies need to do to beat the Panthers and this year in general:

"Tech needs to have more consistency this year offensively."

On Logan Thomas:

"Logan Thomas is a superstar talent. The bottom line is, it comes down to inconsistency. I'm not hands-on or close enough to say for sure [what his issues are]. The first time I saw him, he looked like he was hesitant to pull the trigger, but other times he's just letting it loose. When he does that, he throws as well as anybody."

On the Hokies' receiving corps:

"Receiving-wise, Coles is a big-time guy."

On the Hokies' willingness to punt:

"Do you think Johnny Manziel thinks it's okay to punt when he goes out on the field? The game is in the offense's favor. That got coached into me in the NFL."

On making comments like the Hokies did prior to the game last year:

"I grew up in a generation when you didn't do that kind of stuff. You went out on the field and you let your play speak for you. Bulletin board material keeps focus in preparation for the game."

On his prediction for this weekend's game:

"Pittsburgh will make it look ugly, but eventually Tech will win a 27-14 type of game"

On the ACC race:

"Florida State is as good as anybody. That Clemson-Florida State game is going to be a good one. Miami is undefeated, but they're doing what Miami always does. They've done some things that make me think they'll lose a game at some point. Virginia Tech is a great defensive team, but doesn't have a very explosive offense."

Regarding the Capital One Bowl:

"The Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge is 16 mascots going against each other on a head-to-head basis weekly. You can gain 25 points by tweeting about your mascots' hidden talents."

Thanks again to Doug Flutie for taking the time to speak with us. We appreciated his answers and his candor. You're welcome to speak with us again anytime Doug.