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Caption Contest: Miami Beat Down

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite things about writing for GobblerCountry is the ability to look through all of the photos that we have to choose from through various providers. But we can only choose one per post and there are some ones that are too good to not be used.

Enter the caption contest.

"So how does the caption contest work exactly?" you might be asking. Pretty simple. Look at the picture that I've provided and leave a comment below with your custom caption. In my experience with these from doing this on a hockey blog, the funnier the caption the better your chances of winning.

If you see a caption that you like from someone else, you click the little "rec" button. The comment with the most "recs" by, let's say noon on Wednesday?, will be the winner. You can see how many "recs" each comment gets and they will eventually turn green, for those of you that may be green to the site.

Keep it clean(ish). Just don't go overboard, basically.

Right now, the prize is just bragging rights, but who knows, that may change to something tangible in the future.