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Hokies Defeat Cavaliers 16-6 In Sloppy Game, Complete Decade Of Dominance

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After nine consecutive years of Virginia Tech beating Virginia in football...the Hokies decided to do it again and make it 10, beating the Cavaliers in an ugly, out-of-sorts game. The Hokies averaged less than a yard per play inside the red zone, recovered an onside kick and let the fullback throw a on a reverse to Logan Thomas, among other things. To say it was an unconventional game for Beamer and the Hokies is not to say that it wasn't as ugly as it has been for the Hokies quite often this season. It was. But it wasn't because the Hokies stayed their usual conservative self.

Tech scored first, on their first drive as it so happened, marching it down to the goal line before stalling with 9:45 in the first quarter, settling on an Eric Kristensen field goal from 22 yards out. Virginia would put together a good drive of their own, but the Hokie defense held, forcing the Cavs to kick a 36-yard field goal with 6:14 left in the first. Tech would then score again on their next possession, but would rely on a 30-yarder from Kristensen to do so, putting them up 6-3 with 2:59 remaining in the first.

In the second quarter, the Cavs would tie it again on a 29-yard Alec Vozenilek field goal just three minutes into the frame. But that would be the last score of the game for the home team, as Tech would run off ten unanswered points before the break, first on another Kristensen field goal from 38 with 2:32 remaining before half and then on a Logan Thomas pass to Trey Edmunds for a 26-yard touchdown with less than a half a minute on the clock. That 16-6 score would stand for the rest of the game, as in the second half, Tech struggled offensively, turned the ball over twice and went into run out the clock mode early. UVA by comparison removed David Watford for freshman Greyson Lambert, a decision that would stagnate their flailing offense even more.

There was some bad news for the Hokies, however, as Edmunds went down with a broken tibia when he fell awkwardly on a run. He will miss the remainder of the season and may not be ready for spring ball given his 4-5 month timetable. He finishes the season as the Hokies' leading rusher with 675 yards on the ground and 10 touchdowns and 155 yards in receiving yards on 17 receptions with 2 touchdowns.

Tech racked up 364 total yards and held UVA to 285, both slightly above their averages on the season. They finish the regular season 8-4 and await to hear their bowl fate.