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Hokies Add Purdue To The 2015, 2023 Slate

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Hokies' intrepid scheduling, particularly with the Big 10, continued today with the announcement of the addition of Purdue to the 2015 and 2023 football schedules:

The Hokies had one open date left in the 2015 schedule, and the first game of this home-and-home fills that void. Tech will travel to West Lafayette, Indiana to face Purdue in 2015 and then host the Boilermakers at home in 2023. The non-conference schedule looks like this:

As former GC writer and creator of one of the best time wasting tools on the internet for Hokie fans Clark Ruhland pointed out:

So mark it down on your calendars Hokie fans, this one is official. Tech will play another Big 10 team, their fourth such addition (not including Wisconsin since they've backed out twice now before finding resolution) of their improved scheduling push. Those teams include Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan and now Purdue.

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