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What The Hokies Need To Do To Avoid A Last-Place Finish


Despite this very much up and down (and very much down) season for the Hokies, and despite an agonizing nine-game losing streak in the heart of conference play, they still have a chance to do precisely what they did a year ago: finish in a tie for last but move up the standings via a tiebreaker.

Last year the Hokies finished at 4-12, good for worst in the league with three others. But due to tie-breaking scenarios, the Hokies catapulted all three teams and finished ninth. This season (and remember, it's an 18 game conference schedule this year) the Hokies sit at 4-13 and alone in last place. However, they can still catch Wake Forest, whom they play this Sunday in the two teams' regular season finale. But, that's not all, because Clemson, whom the Hokies have split with, sits one game ahead at 5-12 in conference with a date with Miami Saturday afternoon. Win and they can pass Georgia Tech (whom they own the tie-breaker over) should the Yellow Jackets lose to Boston College Saturday.

So basically Levinson here's the rub (you're welcome The Office fans): the Hokies control their own destiny over Wake Forest, and require only what should happen anyway to then pass Clemson. But if that doesn't make sense to you, I'll write it out below.

If the Hokies beat Wake and Clemson loses to Miami, they finish in a three-way tie for last, but due to tie-breaks, will overtake both teams, finishing 10th

If the Hokies beat Wake but somehow Clemson pulls the upset over Miami, the Hokies finish in a two-way tie for last and by virtue of a 2-0 record over Wake, will finish 11th

If the Hokies fall to Wake, no matter what else happens, they will finish dead last #Greenbergsfault (right?)

So that's what's on the line this weekend at Wake. Win, and we look like doofs. Lose and we look like complete doofs. Neither is ideal, but one is certainly better than the other.

For all your Virginia Tech basketball needs, choose Gobbler Country.