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Hokies Pick Up Eighth Commitment Of 2014 Recruiting Class In Travon McMillian

The Hokies added to their 2014 recruiting haul on Thursday, adding the services of Hylton High School (Woodbridge, Va.) quarterback/athlete Travon McMillian. For a breakdown of McMillian's highlight tape and what the commitment means for the Hokies, you know the drill.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

McMillian's commitment gives the Hokies eight committed players for the 2014 class.

McMillian is listed as a 4-star recruit by ESPN, 247's Composite rating and Scout, and is rated as a 3-star by 247Sports and Rivals. He is listed as a quarterback by 247Sports and Scout and as an athlete by Rivals and ESPN. Virginia Preps ranks him as the No. 9 player in the state of Virginia.

So, without further ado, let's get into what I am presuming is McMillian's sophomore tape (as it is unlabeled by year, but based on its uploaded date to YouTube, cannot be his junior tape):

In this tape, McMillian plays exclusively at quarterback. He does a good job of leading the receiver with the ball. He has a very accurate and powerful arm, with the ability to throw the deep ball. You can see based on the number of passes in the tape and the formations used that he plays in a pass friendly offense.

As a runner, he has breakaway speed. He explodes through the line on his runs. He also has great ability once he gets in the open field. McMillian is good at making quick cuts, finding the hole and getting vertical, something that you want to see runners be able to do. He is a one-cut runner, or in other words, he doesn't just juke back and forth in the backfield to try to make guys miss, also a very important attribute. He also ran the read option very well, something the Hokies have used with varying degrees of success with Logan Thomas over the last two seasons.

Now let's take a look at his junior tape:

Watching McMillian's junior tape is a lot more of the same (not in a bad way). He still shows an effortless and repeatable action throwing the ball, but he does tend to get a little too much air under his deep ball. I love his footwork on the dropback, as he is steady and generally steps into his passes, something young quarterbacks do not always do. He is excellent when throwing on the run, suffering no accuracy issues and being able to get the ball there even when throwing across his body.

Again, much of the same seeing him run the ball. McMillian Is very good at evading tackles via the juke, however, and sometimes extended runs by making the defense miss multiple times. He also has the ability to avoid or absorb contact and stay upright when pursuers dive at his legs and ankles.

While all we got to see of McMillian was at the quarterback position, I can say confidently I believe McMillian would be absolutely fine to stay at quarterback for Virginia Tech. Although we then get into the complicated issue of Tech's current and future quarterback situation as well as who else the Hokies plan to bring in at quarterback in the 2014 class. It is well known that the Hokies have been linked to two quarterbacks widely considered to be in the top-10 in the country in the 2014 class.

Because of his athleticism, McMillian may be able to play another position for the Hokies, such as wide receiver, but without seeing him anywhere else, I am unable to say with certitude. I do know this: with his speed and open-field ability, he is a player who should have the ball in his hands.

As for a comparison, watching McMillian reminds me of a less explosive version of Tyrod Taylor with a weaker arm, or a poor man's Tyrod Taylor if you will. But that isn't too bad of a comparison to have even so, as many of us Hokie fans know.

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