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Fuller, Painter Chosen In NFL Draft, Several Others Sign FA Deals

To say that Saturday (and Friday too for that matter) was a disappointing day for several Hokie draft hopefuls is an understatement. Although after the debacle that was the 2012 season no one projected Tech to have a big year in terms of numbers drafted or produce very high picks, several Hokies who were projected to be picked were not, forcing them to go the route of undrafted free agency. For the complete rundown of Hokie picks and UFA signings to date, keep reading below.


We'll get to the good news first, which is that after 5 rounds and some change, the Hokies finally got off the board:

That was followed up just two picks later with this:

Which of course, made me look like a genius:

But unfortunately for both parties, no other Hokie was drafted. So here's what we know so far about those who landed UFA deals:

Davis waited quite a while to announce his deal, but it seems like that would be an okay fit for him, if for no other reason than the Giants have been kind to Virginia Tech players as of late.

Becton was a fringe-drafted/undrafted player as it was. He was very good in limited roles in both 2010 and 2011 and was pretty good in 2012. Let's hope he is able to stick on there.

Taylor is a lot like former undrafted Hokie Vince Hall. While he comes nowhere near Hall's uncanny instincts (not many do, as according to Foster, Hall was the best player he ever coached), both had subpar combines physically and as a result fell out of the field. Bruce is a good player and when healthy, can be a difference-maker. Best of luck to him.

This is perhaps the biggest news of the UFA signings, as Tweedy was a fan-favorite (to those who were watching), a hard-worker and a player who, despite his talents, never seemed to get on the field in more than a special teams role. He may not catch on right away, but special teams is a big deal in the pros too, and he has the potential to be the very best special-teamer in the NFL due to his knowledge of pursuit angles. There's a spot on someone's roster for this guy, even if not right away.

Another surprise pickup was that of Antoine Hopkins. Though I don't question his talent, Hopkins had fallen out of favor in the rotation at defensive tackle due to an injury that ended his 2011 season and a bevy of quality bodies at the position, much like former Hokie DT Kevin Lewis (and no, not just because of the brother comparison).

Unfortunately, Dyrell hasn't been able to land an invitation yet. I hope he gets the chance to prove his abilities, as a better kick returner the Hokies may never have had. But the decision to take him off that unit this year, his most effective and valuable contribution to the team, may have hurt his ability to make an impression on teams' scouts.

Now to the bad news: Not since 2009 have the Hokies failed to have more than two players drafted. In that year, only Macho Harris, who went in the 5th round to Philadelphia, was drafted. Also, not since 1993 (the first year in the current streak that has seen a Hokie drafted every year since) have the Hokies failed to have a player drafted before the sixth round.

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