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Erick Green Injured At Second Day Of NBA Draft Combine


Well unfortunately Hokies, I have bad news in regards to Erick Green's day two performance at the NBA Draft Combine. Green did not appear on the floor with the point guards at the beginning of testing, and concerned, I began looking around the interweb and with the help of our wonderful North Carolina SB Nation blog, Tar Heel Blog, I was able to find this:

Obviously it's good to hear that it appears Green is okay, but it is unfortunate that as a result he missed the opportunity to show off his traits on what should have been a very good day for him, testing his agility, flat-line speed and vertical jump. While I don't know how much it will hurt his draft stock, it certainly can't help it. This for a player who is shooting up the draft board in an attempt to firmly entrench himself in the first round and become the first Hokie drafted there since Dell Curry in 1986.

Green did however get his height measured, and according to, Green measured much shorter than we were previously led to believe, at a pedestrian 6'1.5" without shoes on, much shorter than the 6'3" and 6'4" that he had been listed at as a Hokie. He also was weighed at 178 pounds, seven pounds less than his listed weight according to Hokiesports. That was a concern I pointed out from watching the first day of the combine. He did however post above average wingspan, reach, hand length and hand width as well as only 4.4% body fat (jealous).

It is unclear as of yet how long Green will be on the shelf, or if his removal was just precautionary. It is also unclear how exactly Green and Kabongo collided, as I never saw Green's face on the broadcast. Did it happen in the hall? When they were getting their heights measured? On their way into the gym? I have no clue. But we should get the details soon.

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