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ACCepting The New Reality

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It is official. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are now the newest members of the ACC Conference in all sports. Notre Dame joins as well, but remains a football independent. The latest moves have probably made the ACC a newer version of the Big East. For analysis of what the moves mean for the conference, and the new teams, continue reading below.

Jason Szenes

Welcome aboard Syracuse and Pittsburgh! Remember your old dancing partners, Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College? It has been a while. How are you?

What has changed since Virginia Tech left the Big East for the promised land in the ACC? Oh, not much, just four outright conference titles for the Hokies. Virginia Tech still makes the trip to the bowl games, yeah, even though last season was the worst in 20 years, but never mind that!

You know what? The ACC has become an upgraded version of the Big East. Here's what you guys get to do: go to a number of great, outstanding bowl games outside of the Orange Bowl. You get to go to places such as Atlanta, Orlando, El Paso, Charlotte, Nashville, Shreveport, Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City! All in the winter for bowl games. Doesn't that sounds exciting?

Of course, commissioner comrade John Swofford wants to move the basketball tournament site from the prestigious Greensboro Coliseum to the fabled, majestic Madison Square Garden, thus making the ACC the new Big East conference.

See, most "true" fans of the ACC know that the conference is widely regarded as a basketball conference, and the new introduction of you guys, Syracuse and Pittsburgh, are exciting additions in that respect. We get to watch Jim Boeheim match wits against Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina's Roy Williams on an annual, match made in heaven, TV rating bonanza basis. Sidebar: when Louisville joins as soon as Maryland is gone to the B1G, it will be like watching WWE's Royal Rumble (TM) every year. Exciting!

It is not to knock your football programs. It has been a while, but most Tech fans still remember how Donovan McNabb took apart the Hokies, or last year's Heniz Field Disaster, which Hokie fans are eagerly awaiting for this year's team to atone for.

Here's one final reason why the ACC is the new Big East...Notre Dame. They are part of the ACC, but remain, stubbornly so, as a football independent, which only helped to make the ACC part of a wonderful movement on the Twitter side of things...#goacc. Get used to that term, Orange and Panther fans, because you will be using it quite often.

One final thought - when it's time for your team to play on the gridiron, be sure to be on the look out for the ACC's most famous referee, Ron Cherry! He is fabulous in screwing your team during critical junction of the game, and loves being booed. It will influence his calls from that point forward.

So, welcome aboard, Syracuse and Pittsburgh! We are excited to have you here and look forward to kicking your tails in every ACC sport!