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2013 ACC Kickoff Day Two Recap: Virginia Tech

With the coaches portion of the ACC media days (or ACC Kickoff as it has been renamed) wrapped up, we're bringing you quotes and video from the conference's season-opening football event below. Enjoy.


We'll start out with some quotes Beamer made to the media yesterday that found their way Twitter side:

Next we're going to give you our EXCLUSIVE TO SB NATION Frank Beamer Interview 2013 ACC Kickoff
from the interview with the writers portion of the media contingent at the ACC Kickoff I believe, courtesy of SB Nation's own Bud Elliott.

Then we'll get to Frank's video press conference, which includes Pittsburgh Coach Paul Chryst, Beamer and Wake Forest Coach Jim Grobe. Frank is second and his portion begins at around 30:20 on the video below:

Frank said some interesting things in this press conference and we'll address those below:

  • First off, he makes it a point to mention that he was "forced" into doing the football team's Harlem Shake video when asked about dancing. He then explained J.C. Coleman was his motivation, as he saw the "little running back" dancing and said he would try to emulate him on the video. He explained that it wasn't too bad, but essentially swore off dancing in any similar capacity in the future (it is possible that this has something to do with the reported alumni unhappiness with the video).
  • When asked about the offense, Beamer said that he thinks they have a good starting point with a good defense, quarterback and kickers. He did say though that some of the talented players on offense were "going to have to come along a play better than they should with their experience level...their maturity." He also added, "how well that develops probably will determine how we are as a football team."
  • Frank talked about how proud he was about last year's team. I save you from the whole schpeel here, but basically it was a you know what sesh the 2012 team.
  • Asked about the respect the Hokies were given after being voted second in the Coastal by the media after one of his worst seasons, Beamer responded "I think we've got our work cut out for us...I like this football team...We do have some shortcomings, and I'm not sure we deserve to be as high as you just mentioned. But that's why you play the games and that's why you play the look at the teams that was (sic) voted above us and, you know, North Carolina (erroneous), Miami, Clemson, Florida State...they certainly deserve to be there." Of course, as I pointed out, he erroneously stated the North Carolina was picked ahead of the Hokies, and that tends to give credence to the idea that coaches, especially veteran ones, don't really pay attention to where their team is picked at the beginning of a season. But also of note, it doesn't sound like Beamer is too complementary about the team. This could just be Beamer being humble, or playing his cards close to the vest. But the third and most frightening possibility is Beamer didn't hype up the team too much because he doesn't want expectations to be as high as they were from 2004-11, when the Hokies won 10 games every year.
  • When asked about the hiring of Scot Loeffler and how much the timing of his hiring put a stress on getting the offense ready for the Alabama game, especially with the results of the spring game, Beamer re-iterated that that offense was a base one and that his philosophy was to "get your basics in and try to be sound there and then add in different formations and plays...but it is, it's certainly challenging...I think the key for us is how quickly some young guys come around and play, at what maturity level on the offensive line and running backs, Trey Edmunds, you know he's not been on the field, much less been on the field against a team like Alabama. So how he's going to react...I do know we have some talented guys, just trying to get them to play at a high level quickly is our challenge."
And that basically wraps it up at ACC Kickoff (or the ACC Media Days). That is, except for the crazy stuff that happened...which we intend to bring to you tomorrow. So be sure to look out for it and enjoy!

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