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Virginia Tech's Starting Offensive Line Rotation Is Set

Offensive line coach Jeff Grimes took to Twitter today and released a picture that revealed the Hokies' starting five offensive linemen.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive line coach Jeff Grimes finally revealed which five players would be starting on the offensive line when the Hokies take on the Crimson Tide in seven days. Coach Grimes released the news by posting a picture of himself with the five players to his left.

In case you can't recognize the offensive linemen by picture alone, from left to right the starters are: Laurence Gibson, Andrew Miller, David Wang, Caleb Farris, and Johnathan McLaughlin.

This starting five isn't terribly surprising seeing as this has been the group most commonly getting first-team snaps during recent scrimmages and practices. Coach Grimes had been keeping this starting group under wraps, saying that no position was solidified. A mere week away from their biggest game of the season, though, and Grimes was running out of time to make his decision.

Andrew Miller is making the move to guard after starting at center for the Hokies last season, while David Wang is making the opposite transition. The big question mark on the offensive line is Johnathan McLaughlin, a true freshman. Starting on the offensive line as a freshman is hard enough. Having your first start come against the two-time defending national champions is another story. This group has been pushed hard this spring, but it's likely we haven't seen the last of the growing pains for this collective of players. It's a heavy weight this group will have to bear this season. It's been widely speculated that Virginia Tech's offense will only go as far as this group can carry them. Coaches and fans alike are hoping that these five players can carry that load.