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2014 Athlete Greg Stroman Picks Virginia Tech

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech picked up another commitment to their 2014 recruiting class today, their third this week, when Greg Stroman of Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas, Virginia chose the Hokies over his other finalists, Virginia and Duke. He also held offers from Wisconsin and Old Dominion.

Stroman is a 5'10"/5'11" 149-160 lb. quarterback/receiver/defensive back for Stonewall Jackson and is listed at a different position by each major recruiting site. He is rated as a 3-star by 247Sports, and despite being listed as both an athlete/dual-threat quarterback, he is ranked as the No. 121 athlete nationally by that service, as well as the No. 38 player in the Commonwealth. ESPN also rates him as a 3-star athlete and the No. 142 athlete in the country as well as the No. 35 player in Virginia. Rivals rates Stroman as a 2-star, and lists him as a wide receiver. Scout does not rate him, but lists him as a cornerback. What is certain is that there is clear disagreement about where Stroman projects at the next level.

Now we'll break down Greg's highlight tape which was on Hudl, but that he posted to Youtube:

The first 16 minutes of the video, Stroman is at quarterback:

  • He is shifty. Can change directions quickly
  • He ran a lot of read option looks
  • Greg has a decent arm, but certainly better at throwing bullet passes than airing it out (though he's not BAD at that either)
  • He's good at throwing on the run
  • I see a lot of Tyrod in him as a QB while running the football. Certainly not as polished of a passer as Tyrod was as a HS junior though
  • His ability to evade tackles, spin/juke out of contact so he takes glancing blows and make it through openings before they close is elite
  • He is good at throwing the back shoulder fade

There were also three plays at DB, but not enough to notice anything meaningful.

While Stroman is perfectly adequate as a quarterback, I don't know that coaches would be willing to allow him to take that kind of punishment at the collegiate level with his frame. He is, however, very good with the ball in his hands, which would make me lean towards wide receiver. But then I saw this:

So I'm not quite sure what to think about where he'll end up on the field. Perhaps if he's a cornerback, maybe they're thinking he'll be involved with the return game. But it certainly appears that's where they want to use him:

As for where Stroman's commitment leaves the Hokies, they are closing in on their max number of scholarships available as things currently stand. I don't have an exact number at the moment, but I will calculate one and publish it later.

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