Why Virginia Tech Should Schedule "Cupcakes"

Geoff Burke

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Everyone loves watching big time matchups at the start of the season. For Virginia Tech however, these games have never worked out in their favor. At least not in recent history. Let's have a look at the big game matchups VT has scheduled as the first game since the BCS era began.

Saturday, August 24, 2004. Virginia Tech starts off the season against #1 ranked Southern California. VT loses this game on a mind boggling offensive pass interference call against Josh Hyman that completely changed the momentum of the game. Final score USC 24 - VT 13.

Saturday, September 5, 2009. Virginia Tech starts off the season against #5 ranked Alabama. Despite leading into the 4th quarter, Virginia Tech is unable to hold on and Bama takes control to win. Final score Alabama 34 - VT 24.

Monday, September 6, 2010. Virginia Tech starts off the season against #3 Boise State. Many people believed this might actually be VT's chance at changing their luck and finally winning on the big stage in a long time. Unfortunately that proved not to be the case and the mood was set early with a fumble by Tyrod Taylor on a bad snap on the second play of the game. VT had a chance to win in the end, but it quickly went away following a personal foul called on Tech. Final score Boise State 33 - VT 30.

VT has suffered losses in every major opening season matchup it has played in. Each defeat has further dropped it's reputation on the national stage and all but eliminated them from any hope at a national championship that season. One of the biggest justifications for playing in these premium type games so early on is it would give VT a chance to prove themselves as contenders for a national title. However, if all that happens is opening the season with a loss then the opposite becomes true.

Virginia Tech should be more worried about getting the kinks worked out in the beginning of the season than trying to immediately throw their hat into the national title race. The program has a long way to go before getting back to that stage. With the new offensive coaching staff, lackluster recruiting until recently, and an ACC that is considered to be one of the worst of the major bowl conferences, VT should spend more time worrying about consistently winning in conference and scheduling teams out of conference that will provide more of an opportunity for Tech to work through it's offense and get the younger players coming into the system valuable game experience without the pressure of a national stage so early in the season.

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