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Predicting Virginia Tech Hokies Statistical Leaders 2013: Defense

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today we projected the Hokies 2013 offensive stats based on mathematical projections derived from the 2012 team's pace and based on the statistics from a year ago, factoring in player improvement (for the most part). Confused yet? Basically, we took the Tech offensive players' 2012 stats (or 2011 if season-ending injury prevented them playing in 2012) and factored he offensive pace and number of games the Hokies will play in (again, a projection) and extrapolated that into a figure for the 2013 season and thereby arrived at our stats. Still don't know what we're talking about? Just look below. You'll figure it out.

Figuring that the Hokies will probably be on defense for fewer snaps than they were in 2012 (which goes hand-in-hand with our offensive projections), including a projection for more turnovers created, we project them for 880 snaps in 2013. That is slightly below the 906 they were up against in 2012 and slightly more than the 865 they participated in in 2011. As such, that difference in total tackles will be factored below.



Jack Tyler 107

Kyshoen Jarrett 84

Tariq Edwards 77

Detrick Bonner 65

Kyle Fuller 52

Josh Trimble 51

James Gayle 46

Derrick Hopkins 44

Luther Maddy 41

J.R. Collins 38

Brandon Facyson 31

Kendall Fuller 29

Antone Exum 26

Tyrel Wilson 24

Chase Williams 23

Dadi Nicolas 19

Woody Baron 16

Deon Clarke 14

Der'Woun Greene 13

Desmond Frye 12

Corey Marshall 11

Derek DiNardo 11

Nigel Williams 9

Ken Ekanem 9

Donovan Riley 8

Alston Smith 7

Kris Harley 6

Matt Roth 4


James Gayle 8

Dadi Nicolas 7.5

Luther Maddy 5

J.R. Collins 5

Tariq Edwards 4

Josh Trimble 3.5

Derrick Hopkins 3

Jack Tyler 3

Tyrel Wilson 2

Woody Baron 1

Ken Ekanem 1

Matt Roth 1

Corey Marshall .5

Nigel Williams .5


Kyler Fuller 3

Brandon Facyson 2

Detrick Bonner 2

Kendall Fuller 2

Antone Exum 2

Kyshoen Jarrett 1

Tariq Edwards 1

Josh Trimble 1

Donovan Riley 1

Desmond Frye 1

Der'Woun Greene 1


That would put the total tackles at 877 in 880 plays (it was 905 in 906 plays a year ago). As for sacks, we have projected 45, up from the total of 35 in 2012 and the 41 in 2011. If the line can return to form and stay healthy, as deep as it is, that should not be out of the question. Without Antone Exum, the interception leader for the Hokies a year ago with 5, it is however unclear how many interceptions they will create. But with a talented and experienced starting unit, I would expect an uptick of an interception to 17 picks. Of course, keep in mind, all these projections are under the assumption of perfect health and that the depth chart remains static.

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