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Special teams continues to plague Hokies in second quarter

"Hi, are you the new special teams coach? I wanna get rid of BeamerBall"
"Hi, are you the new special teams coach? I wanna get rid of BeamerBall"
Kevin C. Cox

Alabama 28, Virginia Tech 10--halftime

The Hokies had cut the Crimson Tide lead to 7 and forced a punt at the start of the second quarter. After a short rush by Trey Edmunds, DJ Coles let up on a route and Vinnie Sunseri cut in front of him to intercept the ball and return it 38 yards for a touchdown to give Alabama a 21-7 lead.

With Alabama driving mid-way through the first quarter, Kyle Fuller intercepted AJ McCarron to set the Hokies up at the Alabama 32. After a few decent plays to gain some yardage, the drive sputtered before Cody Journell punched through a 39-yard field goal. On the ensuing kickoff, Christion Jones returned the kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown.

Virginia Tech's defense was strong in the first half, holding Alabama to under 97 yards of total offense.

Scoring plays

First quarter

13:21--Alabama--Christion Jones, 72 yds (punt return)

1:53--Alabama--T.J. Yeldon, 3 yds (run)

1:37--Virginia Tech--Trey Edmunds, 77 yds (run)

Second quarter

14:04--Alabama-- Logan Thomas pass intercepted by Vinnie Sunseri, 38 yds (interception)

3:39--Virginia Tech--Cody Journell, 39 yds (FG)

3:20--Alabama---Christion Jones, 94 yards (kick off return)


Virginia Tech Alabama
Total Yards 155 97
Passing Yards 40 67
Rushing Yards 115 30
Turnovers 1 1
Passing Leaders Logan Thomas--3/14, 40 yds, 0/1 INT AJ McCarron--7/14, 67 yds, 0/1 INT
Rushing Leaders Trey Edmunds--10, 106 yds, TD TJ Yeldon--11, 22, TD
3rd down conversion 2-9 4-9