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Final Notes On Western Carolina Game

Well ladies and gents, I'm ashamed to admit that I was just able to watch back the Western Carolina tape in its entirety. Here are some thoughts and analysis from the game. Enjoy.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

After watching the entire broadcast in its entirety, here's what I came away with:

  • ESPN Play-by-play man John Sadak opened the game by saying they were at a "vibrant and throbbing lane stadium." Phrasing?
  • He also said "Virginia Tech DL Manhandled Bama"
  • They said "Tyrod taylor didn't win as many games as Thomas," but had 95% winning percentage, and ran a graphic to that effect, both of which were woefully incorrect.
  • No Charley Meyer (despite what broadcasters said). It was a Kalvin Cline catch.
  • The defense was caught out of position a lot on misdirection. Overpursued the play-fake.
  • D.J. Coles touchdown catch was well executed and Logan Thomas threw the perfect pass.
  • Logan Thomas missed a flag route for what would've been a TD to Byrn with 1:30 left in 1st half.
  • When, 4-5 seconds into a play, instead of forcing it into coverage and looking for someone open when no one is, Logan just needed to take off and run.
  • On Thomas' 2nd INT, Knowles did not run the route hard, but Thomas put it at the front pylon instead of the back. Knowles also didn't fight to get back in front of the ball or knock it away.
  • James Johnson interviewed with Cat Whitehill at half. 1. I know this is Watch ESPN and all, but how does she have a job? She can't string together a single inteligent question, and 2. this is what Johnson said (paraphrasing): nobody on the team who'll score 25 nightly, but several guys who can go for 25 on any given night. Specifically mentioned Adam Smith and Jarell Eddie and some of the freshman who've impressed him. Also mentioned going inside more and establishing that presence to lessen the scoring load needed. The team trained with Navy Seals over the summer.
  • Thomas made a REALLY BAD 2nd and 4 read on the first series of the second half, throwing into double coverage, almost throwing a pick six. He had Mangus open up the sideline.
  • Hell of a job blocking on Mangus' 76-yarder. The misdirection on the counter pitch gave Mangus a head start and after the broke the L.O.S., only one guy could make the tackle, but couldn't get there in time because of a good block by Demetri Knowles.
  • I'm absolutely 100% sure fair catch interference should've been called against Western Carolina on the Jarrett fair catch . The replay CLEARLY shows the defender stepped within INCHES of where Jarrett was set up. The broadcasters wholeheartedly agree. They said he didn't have the opportunity to catch or go forward with it based on the defender (#15 Michael Helms Jr.) impeding. Image_medium
  • If Thomas makes the 2nd and 1 throw to Demetri Knowles to the inside of the field, he has a touchdown. Instead threw it outside, opposite the separation, and long.
  • Kalvin Cline's dropped touchdown pass was pretty egregious. He needs to bring that ball in. Great throw by Thomas and right on the money between two defenders.
  • Mangus scored a touchdown on the following play, but the whistles incorrectly ruled him down.
  • The deep Mark Leal ball was definitely pass interference, though I didn't think it was live. The defender pushed down Carlis Parker's arms, then raised his own to into Parker's other arm and ran/bumped him away from the ball with his body. He never made a play on the ball or turned his head and there was contact.
There were also two other graphics I'll include:


And unfortunately, the official attendance as the crowd had thinned out:


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