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Trevor's Column: Kicking Themselves Out of A Mess

The offense should get its share of criticism for not scoring enough points or relying on 3rd-and-Logan over and over, but the biggest story is the kicking game. For more on the Hokies kicking plight, read below.

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After missing two field goals (including an additional one which didn't count) and an extra point, Journell did not dress for the Marshall game, a development which wasn't reported until the day of. Coach Beamer announced that Cody Journell was suspended for an unspecific team violation, and that's why he had to rely on punter turned place-kicker Ethan Keyserling, who promptly missed three field goal attempts.

For those who are counting, that is six straight missed field goal attempts (including the one of Journell's that did not officially count) and an extra point in the last two games. That is worrisome. More worrisome than Logan Thomas' incredibly naïve goal of committing five interceptions (Thomas threw two more picks, bringing his interception total to 6), and more worrisome than the offense leaving points on the field instead of on the scoreboard.

We will never know what Journell did to earn a trip into the doghouse, but his absence from yesterday's triple-overtime win over Marshall was felt. Without being able to see Journell lining up and attempting those field goals, we don't know if he conquered the issues that plagued him last weekend, and now we have to fret until Thursday when Virginia Tech travels down to Atlanta to challenge Georgia Tech in their first battle of the ACC season.

There has already been talk about BeamerBall making a comeback. Not so fast, folks. The game may offer a faint glimmer of hope that BeamerBall is making a comeback, but we do not know if it's just a one-game deal or possibly a resurrection. Sure, it was great when Kyle Fuller exploded around the punt shield to block the first punt of the game, as Derek DiNardo scooped up the ball and raced untouched into the end zone to give the Hokies their first points of the game. Later in overtime, Derrick Hopkins deflected a field goal try as well. It may have been BeamerBall, but I'm not ready to call it back, not quite yet.

Remember, BeamerBall is an emphasis on scoring in all three phases of the game - offense, defense and special teams. We almost saw all three phases against Marshall, with Hopkins coming close to scoring a defensive touchdown in the second overtime.

Since Beamer has revisited his strategy to allow veteran players to return to special teams, we have seen a marked turnaround, but that alone has not brought BeamerBall back quite yet. Fortunately, there are still at least eight more games left for BeamerBall to return to its former glory.

Trevor's MVP's

Offensive: Logan Thomas

Defensive: J.R. Collins