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Buzzing Atlanta: The Annual "Techmo" Bowl

This week's Thursday night football game features a rivalry between the visitor, Virginia Tech, and the host, Georgia Tech, in the "Techmo Bowl" and typically, the winner of this battle goes on to represent the Coastal Division in the ACC Championship Game. Don't confuse the name with Tecmo Bowl, as these two teams combine to make up the Tech. Read on for more on the rivalry and the details of the game from Trevor's P.O.V.

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The "Techmo" Bowl game between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech is far better than the Commonwealth Cup rivalry, which has lost its luster over the years, the 17-14 victory in Lane Stadium notwithstanding. Head coach Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech is a better manager of timeouts than, ahem, Mike London of UVA. Johnson burns his timeouts faster than Christian Bale goes through women in the Dark Knight trilogies.

Frank Beamer has beaten Paul Johnson repeatedly with only one loss to Johnson thanks to his illegal use of chop blocks. You know it is a rivalry when Johnson sarcastically said, "I guess it's illegal to out-scheme them [Virginia Tech]." Face it, folks, Georgia Tech has been a better dancing partner than UVA could ever dream, and history proves it.

It took an ill-advised punch by Jeremiah Attaochu to the helmet of Logan Thomas in his first start against Georgia Tech to swing momentum permanently in the Hokies' favor. It took a 44-second fourth quarter drive to put Cody Journell in position to tie the game last fall. Then it took tremendous defensive pressure and former Georgia Tech quarterback, Tevin Washington's penchant for throwing game-killing interceptions to seal the outcome of the Hokies.

There has always been drama between the two Tech schools. This Thursday night should be no exception. Georgia Tech is undefeated and Virginia Tech lost to only universal champion Alabama. Of course, Georgia Tech has yet to play anybody the caliber of Alabama, which is reflected in their record. That's not to say that Virginia Tech's record is any better.

On one sideline, we have a coach whose face looks like he sucks on lemon and drops plenty of expletives where ESPN don't bother to blur his lips. On another sideline, we have a coach who has the "Who Farted?" look whenever something goes wrong, and gets worked up when a referee flags an illegal block in the back on special teams (#22 on Virginia Tech punt return, anybody?).

Last season, we saw Virginia Tech beating Georgia Tech in overtime, and we all thought that we would punch our tickets to Charlotte. Instead, we witnessed a season that resembled a flaming pile of bird droppings, and watched Georgia Tech going to Charlotte (thanks UNC and Miami for being ineligible, and making the ACCCG the most #goacc thing ever). With Georgia Tech and Florida State squaring off, ticket prices plummet down to $3 a seat, making the ACC Championship Game its annual national laughingstock per usual. Why's that? Because, face it, nothing Georgia Tech does is sexy.

There are some folks who says that Virginia Tech has a lot of chances of winning Thursday night. Dismiss the Yellow Jackets Bumble Bees at your peril. The Bumble Bees are no joke and playing them is no laughing matter. There's plenty at stake. For one, the winner of the "Techmo" Bowl has gone on to represent the Coastal seven times in eight tries. Second, it has drama befitting of a daytime soap opera. Third, I hate Georgia Tech. I hate their offense and their use of chop blocking repeatedly. There have been those who have called Paul Johnson a genius. To me, that's like saying Mike London is great coach.

In order for Virginia Tech to win, they have to execute repeatedly. Defensively, they cannot fall asleep and let Vad Lee (by the way, I am convinced he is a descendant of Dracula) run all over the Hokies. Offensively, they have got to assert themselves and outscore the Bumble Bees. Special, just settle on a kicker please.

It's gonna be a good game and it will go down to the wire as always.