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Virginia Tech Bye Week Update

Hokie's staff are hitting the recruiting trail hard this weekend.

Streeter Lecka

Virginia Tech's much needed break this weekend is good in several ways. First, it gives the players a chance to heal up and get back to practicing the fundamentals for a few days, which is much needed for several position groups. Second, the staff gets a chance to visit many of their top prospects and evaluate future offers, which is often difficult during game-prep weeks. The staff, as a whole, are focused on sealing the deal with several of the commonwealths best including Josh Sweat, TIm Settle, and Ricky DeBerry as well as touching base with several targets that are currently committed to other programs like Victor Alexander and Kevin Toliver.

A "new" prospect to watch out for is Shareef Miller--a DE prospect out of Philadelphia PA that Coach Cornell Brown is really pursuing hard.

Sources close to the program have also indicated that VT offensive line coach Stacy Searels has been in touch with several offensive line targets that have not been named--Searels likes to play things close to the vest, but if any names get leaked GC will have the scoop. I will be looking to see if the Hokies can load up on both the OL and DL down the stretch and from what I am hearing it seems that might be the case with several commitments looming.

The Hokies are still in contact with many targets that have committed to other programs, but are now "looking around". These situations are tricky, so I will refrain from dropping names, but if some of these guys decommit the Hokies could be in for some more big-time talent flipping to play in Blacksburg, so stay tuned to Gobbler Country for all of your Hokie Sports coverage.

Go Hokies!