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Virginia Tech Football: Five Burning Questions, Boston College Edition

Things aren't getting any better for the Hokies. So now what do we do?

Michael Shroyer

1. What is going on with ball control?

For the second consecutive game Michael Brewer didn't throw an interception. That's a much needed improvement. Unfortunately, his production has completely fallen off and other players are picking up the slack in the turnover department.

The Hokies came out angry in the second half against Miami and proceeded to run the ball with force down the Hurricanes' throat. It was what we'd all been waiting to see and I'm sure Brewer has been desperate for some run support. So when a different tailback fumbled to end each of the first three drives, well there's no real confidence in anyone.

2. Should Brewer still be the starter?

The Hokie offense has ground to a halt, but will changing the quarterback help any? Not if you ask the coaches who all echoed Beamer's vote of confidence above. Before you start calling for Mark Leal to start (football is so predictable) remember that his touchdown came in garbage time against the 'Canes. Now, why we can't be that aggressive with the game still on the line is a matter of concern, but that speaks more to play calling from Scot Loeffler. In that case, about we stop running bubble screens over and over when they don't gain anything the first time?

3. Can we please roll Brewer out for some passes?

This keeps coming up in our comments section and I can't for the life of me figure out why Tech doesn't try it. Brewer is at his most comfortable improvising. When he scrambles outside of the pocket he tends to make big plays. It would stand to reason then that Tech would benefit from rolling the quarterback out to make some easier throws and move the pocket. This would take some pressure off the offensive line in pass blocking and it would allow Brewer to see better. He's very reluctant to step up in the pocket because of his sight lines.

4. What happened to the defense?

The Hokies are still ranked 27th in total defense, but clearly the unit has taken a step back the past two weeks. I think it's a reflection of the mounting injuries. Tech was already thin up the middle and injuries to top lineman Luther Maddy and more recently middle linebacker Chase Williams only exacerbated that weakness. For his part, redshirt freshman linebacker Andrew Motuapuaka has played as well as can be expected. He made 11 tackles against Miami but you remove his numbers and Tech's leading tacklers were Detrick Bonner, Kyshoen Jarrett and Chuck Clark. When three of your top four tacklers are defensive backs, you know the opponent is getting to the second and third level and that all starts up front.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">#Hokies</a> DC Bud Foster: &quot;I was scared to death of Duke Johnson, and he proved why tonight.&quot;</p>&mdash; David Teel (@DavidTeelatDP) <a href="">October 24, 2014</a></blockquote>

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5. Seriously, why am I still watching?

Well, that sounds like a personal issue, but I'll take a crack at it. You're watching because you're a Hokie and you can't just stop all of a sudden. You've seen a lot of program high's in your time following the orange and maroon, you were due for a down period. Personally, I watch because I can't help myself and I have a very serious football problem. As for you? Baseball just ended and before you know it we'll be halfway through basketball season while you shovel your driveway hoping against hope to stay just ahead of the icy maw of winter's heartless onset. Enjoy college football while you still can.

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