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Virginia Tech vs Boston College 2014: Q&A with BC Interruption

Weekly Q&A, this week we talk Boston College Football.

Darren McCollester

This week I had the opportunity to talk BC football with A.J. Black from BC Interruption. Take a look at some of the questions he answered about the 2014 Boston College Eagles ahead of their matchup with the Hokies on Saturday.

What style team is this Boston College squad (Who is Tyler Murphy)?

Boston College is a different team than any Eagles team you might have seen in the past, even last year's crew. Gone is the standard pound the football team of 2013, and in comes a dynamic offense that can hit you with a variety of weapons. They run a lot of read option with Tyler Murphy, and can hit you with one of two running backs (Myles Willis and Jon Hilliman). The Eagles have a speed option that lines up in the slot as well, and does a lot of end arounds and fakes that open up a lot of receivers down field. The only question that comes up (because these receivers are usually WIDE open) is whether they a) catch it, BC drops a ton of passes and b) Murphy hits them. BC's QB is not very accurate.

How will Steve Addazio and staff look to counter a fast Virginia Tech defense coached by Bud Foster?

There will be two ways BC will look to counter Foster's defense. One is hard work up front. BC has an above average to good offensive line, but they have struggled their last two games against Wake Forest and Clemson. But if they can establish lanes both on the interior and exterior, the Eagles should be able to use misdirection and deception to keep the Hokies honest. Secondly defenses have almost given Tyler Murphy the long pass, daring him to throw the ball. Results have been a mixed bag, but as of late Murphy has looked a lot better throwing the ball. If Tech wants to stack the box, BC is going to need to make them pay, and they do have the receivers to do it.

What is the perception of the Virginia Tech football program from BC faithful?

Look, I know you guys are down, but Tech is not a program that BC fans ever take lightly. We know that Lane Stadium for the most part has been a house of horrors for the Eagles, especially looking back to our time in the Big East. We know that Frank Beamer is a hell of a coach, and no matter what state the Hokies are in he will have that team ready, and believe me we respect the hell out of Bud Foster. The Eagles want this win bad, as it would sure up bowl eligibility, but we are very cautious playing against a program that has owned us in the past. Hold on, brb, going to play a Youtube video of Matt Ryan to Andre Callendar.

Who are some under-the-radar players the Hokies should keep an eye on going into this matchup?

On defense the guys you are going to want to watch are linebacker Josh Keyes and defensive end Kevin Kavalec. Keyes has exploded onto the scene this year, leading the Eagles with 4 sacks, along with 10.5 tackles for loss. He is fast, and can be a nightmare to block. Kavalec is only a sophomore, but has put together a string of dominant performances against Clemson and Wake Forest. He was the ACC lineman of the week last week after he had 4.5 tackles for loss in one game.

On offense, watch out for wide receiver Sherm Alston. He is only 5'6, but is without a doubt the fastest player on the team. He's tough to tackle, and if he gains a running lane forget about it. He is good for three-four touches a game, and can be a difference maker. On the offensive line look for right tackle Florida transfer Ian Silberman (he's the guy in the infamous gif of the UF players blocking each other BC is going to need lanes to run the ball and like Matt Patchan last year, it's going to be up to a former Gator to get it done.

What is your game prediction and why?

God, I don't know. Part of me wants to pick BC because of the way Tech has played over the past two weeks, but I have a hard time picking the Eagles in Lane Stadium. However, after reading about the Hokies challenges against running quarterbacks, I will stick with my intuition and say the Eagles pull off a close one and win 28-21.

Thanks to BC Interruption.

Go Hokies!