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Virginia Tech Basketball Update

Coach Buzz Williams is working on raising the talent level in Blacksburg.

Mitchell Leff

Virginia Tech head basketball coach Buzz Williams has said numerous times that he likes the talent he has in Blacksburg, but that for the program to get better the talent level must also get better. So far he has been able to deliver with not only the recent commitment of Kerry Blackshear, but also with the freshmen class that is ready to contribute. Sources close to the program have been really impressed with freshmen guard Ahmed Hill and are saying that he is a game-changer, which is something that the Hokies have lacked on the hardwood in some time.

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Several other new-comers that I am excited to see play are Jalen Hudson, Justin Bibbs and Shane Henry. Bibbs and Hindson were both prolific scorers at power-house high school programs and fit Buzz's ideal "versatile-wing" player mold as they both stand about 6-6", but what is most impressive is that they can play either guard position and are athletic enough to play at small forward.

Shane Henry is a JuCo transfer from Atlanta Georgia and reminds me a lot of Deron Washington. I am not sure if Shane will hurdle any opponents while in Blacksburg, but don't be surprised if he takes over multiple games this year on the defensive end. He is long and athletic, but what is most impressive is his ability to run the court and cover just about any position on the defensive end.

There will definitely be growing pains in Blacksburg, but a change has come and the upgrade in talent will be noticeable. These young men are not what we have been used to in Blacksburg because all of them can make plays for themselves and for others, which will be critical when this team squares up against the nation's best in ACC play.

Go Hokies!