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Five Burning Questions: Military Bowl Edition

A few questions about the Hokies' upcoming bowl game against Cincinnati.

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1. How's Frank Beamer doing?

Virginia Tech has been extremely quiet about Frank Beamer's recent throat surgery which is fine. They're under absolutely no obligation to keep the public in the loop beyond the standard assurances that he's resting comfortably at home, but it's perfectly natural to be concerned. No procedure is easy when you're in your late sixties and everyone just hopes for a full recovery in good time. Will coach be 100% for the bowl game? It's hard to say but Bud Foster said recently that Beamer would return to practice soon which is encouraging. Let's just make sure coach has a warm scarf and a victory.

2. Which Michael Brewer will show up?

This is always the question and one I've asked several times this season. Brewer has struggled though he does have a knack for pulling it together when it counts at the end of games. If he has a good bowl game after a little rest it will lend credence to the idea that he's simply been beat up all season. He suffered an arm injury against Virginia and battled through to lead the Hokies to yet another win over the Wahoos. He's been hit a lot, but the emergence of a bit of a running game might help ease the pressure. Tech can't throw 40 times per game and expect positive results.

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3. Can J.C. Coleman keep it going?

This is that aforementioned running game. It's J.C. or bust at this point and so far that plan is working. Coleman put up 95 yards in a win at Duke, 98 yards in that shameful loss to Wake Forest and 118 yards against Virginia. Say what you want about some of those defenses, but Virginia's D is very talented and J.C. found a way to make it happen. He's averaging a career-high 4.6 yards per carry and will be counted on to carry the load against Cincinnati. Maybe it's the comfort of knowing there aren't really any other options looking over his shoulder, but Coleman is suddenly a different player.

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4. Is Bud Foster leaving?

You haven't been tracking private planes on the Internet again have you? It's the season for coaching changes and there is plenty out there still in flux with Pittsburgh now the latest domino to fall. That's a head coach opening Foster has flirted with before and there are plenty of big-time schools looking for a new defensive coordinator. I don't think he'll leave, but it's not impossible. There's plenty of chatter to indicate that Foster has a new contract from Tech awaiting his signature and Bud is probably just waiting for the season to be over before signing it. Of course, there could be some leverage at work here to get some extra money, but Foster himself told reporters this week that he hasn't even talked to his agent. Take that as you will.

5. What does this game mean for the program?

This is a big game. A win and a 7-6 season is nothing to beat your chest about, but you know what's worse? The first losing season in 22 years. No one wants to spend the entire offseason with that hanging over the program. It will only add fuel to those questioning Frank Beamer and pining for a new coach. All indications are that Beamer will be back next season and possibly more after that, but the growing questions from Tech's own fanbase and increasingly those around college football will only hurt the program. A win in the Military Bowl won't stop that, but it will help calm the masses at least slightly until recruits sign their letters of intent in February.

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