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Hokies' Bowl Projections

Where and who might the Hokies play this bowl season?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech recorded its sixth win this past Friday night with a 24-20 victory over in-state rival Virginia. The Hokies not only keep the Commonwealth Cup for the 11th straight year, but also guarantee a bowl birth for the 22nd straight time. With 11 ACC teams bowl eligible the options for where Virginia Tech seem slightly small, but that could change due to the nature of having a college football playoff, which opens up some new opportunities.

Several Likely Scenarios:

Independence Bowl: Virginia Tech vs Florida in Shreveport, Louisiana on December, 27th.

Quick Lane Bowl: Virginia Tech vs Big Ten (Maryland, Illinois) in Detroit, Michigan on December, 26th.

Bitcoin Bowl: Virginia Tech vs AAC (Cincinnati, Central Florida) in St. Petersburg on December, 26th.

I think any of these match-ups would be good, but playing a team like Florida is probably better for the program. Florida will be under the direction of an interim coach, but are still a solid opponent with a very loyal fan base that will travel well. It also does not hurt to play a team (potentially beat) from a state Virginia Tech heavily recruits.

Go Hokies!