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Sweet Infographic Maps Hokies Recruiting Efforts Since 2002

This easy-to-use tool with drop down filters can give you a quick look at any FBS teams geographical recruiting efforts dating back to 2002.

Thanks to our friends at CornNation, particularly author Paul Dalen for this interactive graphic that allows us to sort all recruiting years between 2002 and 2014. I have already sorted for you to show the Hokies particular geography.

Beware when checking out Alabama, as it appears the United States Lower 48 has caught an outbreak of the Crimson Tide.

Not a lot of surprises here, but it's fairly instructive when it comes to checking out the ACC and what type of areas and recruits they are getting by comparison.

I hope you enjoy playing around with this, and once again, thanks to Paul and CornNation for making this available to us.

Both were built by" target="_blank">CornNation and" target="_blank">Football Study Hall author Paul Dalen. Please follow him on twitter @paul_dalen.