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NCAA Tournament West Region Breakdown

Justin Cates and Chuck (Flyers13) discuss the West region and it's relative lack of panache.

Ethan Miller

The West.....isn't the best. Justin and I review why that is below:

Flyers13: Round 2: Corn-mageddon. Are you looking forward to what happens things get REAL in Nebraska? Huskers-Creighton in round 2 is a once in a lifetime matchup! Although after Creighton's stinker vs Providence in the "Big East" final, the shine may be off the Blue Jay bandwagon. Of all the easy roads Arizona has had paved for them in the West bracket over the years, this might be their easiest path yet. Agree?

JC: Honestly, I had no idea where Creighton was so I learned something today. I really like Nebraska and Tim Miles is one of my favorite coaches. I could see the Huskers winning that one. Arizona really isn't going to get a much better shot at going far than this, though Oklahoma State is a very dangerous team. I also like Wisconsin if they can make it far enough for a meeting with Arizona.

Flyers13: Creighton's always been a tough one to gauge location on, kind of like Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I actually had little idea that Nebraska was sneaking up like that in the Big 10, as Iowa had me distracted most of the year with Ginger Magic. Seeding in the West was wonky to me, and to Vegas for that matter as they have #9 seed Oklahoma State as 5th best odds to win the regional. Oklahoma as a 5 seed was just 8th. I really like North Dakota State to upset the Sooners, and give #4 San Diego State a run for their money. As a top 5 team for a large portion of the season, what do you think of the Aztecs seed? Is it a worse snub than Wichita State being seeded in the same regional as the 1940 Harlem Globetrotters, 1996 Bulls, 1972 Bulls, and 1992 US Olympic Team?

JC: I just realized Oklahoma State went 8-10 in Big 12 play. How do you go 8-10 in your conference and get a 9-seed? Most schools would be a 3-seed in the NIT with that mark. San Diego State certainly strikes me as another victim of this committee's inconsistency. The more I look at all the regions, the more I feel like 90% of the field is seeded too high or too low in the name of interesting match ups for television. Fortunately for Wichita State, those 1940 Globetrotters aren't what they used to be. Can Jordan and Pippen play for the Bulls and the Olympians?

Flyers13: Marketable star amirite? The potential for Marcus Smart to go crayyyy for 6 games ala Kemba Walker (UConn 2011), makes for decent TV. I think it's the committee once again making valuations based on perception rather than accomplishment. Nobody has ever known what weighs the most in the committee's eyes, but to OK State's credit they played a fairly rough schedule and played without Smart (due to an injury, and also a key player got kicked off the team for pissing out of the window of a moving car....yes you read that correctly). I'm pretty sure the corpse of Goose Tatum could drop a few dimes on the Oklahoma State defense. And that trick with the bucket of confetti still works every time. I think you and I could have put together a more balanced tournament for sure.

JC: I officially nominate us for the 2014-15 tournament selection committee. I realized during our exchange that this is all a preview for the College Football Playoff selection process. I'm sure that will be completely free of controversy. I had to Google Goose Tatum. Strong reference. Hook shot for the win.

Flyers13: Well, if I get turned down for Chairman of FIFA or the Olympic Committee, then I suppose I'd be game. Bowl committees aren't as fun as they used to be. The Fiesta Bowl crew overdid it a few years back. Somebody needs to recognize the Goose every now and then, if it's gotta be me, I'll tote the rock. So are we in agreement that the West is Arizona's to lose?

JC: Agreed. If Arizona can't win their region this year it's not going to happen.

Flyers13: Just for kicks, since this is the first of these that we are wrapping up: Who do you like as your 2nd choice? And finally, who is your Dark Horse? I am taking Creighton as 2nd most likely, and I am going really dark for this horse, and selecting New Mexico St to make a dent and maybe make a Sweet 16 (since I don't feel a dark horse will come out of the region).

JC: Wisconsin is always a tough out and this year appears to be no different. They should make plenty of noise. My dark horse here is Nebraska so our underdogs may well clash early on. Hopefully Doug McDermott doesn't like corn.