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VT Basketball: Notes From Buzz Williams Radio Interview With Tim Brando of Sirius XM

Aside from the quotes, it's all paraphrased in the same style that Tech Sideline does their Tech Talk Live notes each week.

Mitchell Leff

Prompted by Brando, Buzz Williams revealed that he learned Old Hokie (Hokie, Hokie, Hi, etc.)  the day of his introduction at the Cassell.

Buzz is very excited and 12 days in, he says there is so much being thrown at him.

Buzz thanked Marquette, said it was difficult to say goodbye to everyone. Says it's also a challenge meeting with all of the new folks at VT as well.

Buzz likes the challenge of trying to establish a new brand, identity in a different part of the country...."some might think it demented." But Buzz likes challenges, the word came up a lot.

Buzz said he has four kids under twelve, so they're in the process of figuring out the best way to handle that transition as well.

Tim said Cassell can be a special place to play, and he knows since he's done a lot of ACC games. Buzz agreed.

Buzz and Brando discussed the fact that the ACC has four Hall of Fame coaches (Coach K, Pitino, Williams, Boeheim). Buzz thinks that there are probably a few more in the making before all is said and done.

Buzz is aware of the tough road ahead and that the work is cut out for him. "The reward will be that much sweeter...."

Buzz says VT is a beautiful campus, lots of excitement at the introduction, and he thinks there is a renewed energy, and that the fans are hungry for a winner. They have supported the football program and made it special. Says he hopes to build football up to the level that Beamer has built football up over the "last three decades."

They discussed the news out of Marquette, with the hiring of Wojo. Buzz says, "Wojo is a stud." Compared Coach K's status to John Wooden's and says the pedigree will validate Wojo. Says the kids at Marquette will be great and do everything he asks. He's very happy for Wojo, and will congratulate him this weekend in Dallas.

Brando brought up the Elite 8, and the emotions involved in getting that far. Buzz says after having lost in the Sweet 16 a couple times, getting past Miami to make it to the Elite 8 was wonderful. But he says they lost to Syracuse in the worst game they played all season, and it was disappointing because they had beaten the Orange earlier in the year. Buzz claimed that it leaves a scar, "not just on your mind, but on your heart."

Buzz recalled a conversation with Devin Wilson after a workout held last Saturday in which Wilson remarked that Williams was still playing the year prior. Buzz said, "last three years actually." Said that getting that far is life-changing both personally and professionally.

Then there was some yuck-yucking about golf games and the 2nd floor of the Sheraton in Dallas. And then the interview just kinda ended. So now you all know where da party at!

Mi Cassell es su Cassell, folks. More as it comes!