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2014 NFL Draft: Where Will The Undrafted Hokies Begin Their Long Climb?

With James Gayle unexpectedly falling out of the draft, the remaining eligible Hokies have not had long to wait for phone calls inviting them to NFL camps. We have some of their destinations below. We'll be back with more this week on each players chances to make the squad that picked them up.

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After an intriguing NFL draft that included another VT first rounder in Kyle Fuller, and a lot of drama as to where controversial talent Logan Thomas might land, all that's left to do is find "foster homes" for the remaining undrafted Hokies who didn't get selected in the seven rounds between Thursday and Saturday.

While it is likely a disappointment for a player like DE/OLB James Gayle, the reality is that sometimes these opportunities work out just as well for the player in the long run. Usually teams bring in guys with a specific purpose in mind, and it would not be at all surprising to see a few of these guys stick and make the team. If not, it's still early enough to give a few other teams a shot as well. As the list rounds out, we'll update it for you.

Supposedly, it was Gayle's labrum that he injured in the ECU game that kept a number of teams at bay. Too bad for them, he'll make somebody's team.

Defense first in Baltimore. They got a good one. Wouldn't be surprised if he wound up starting for them. Hopkins was robbed IMO, he was AS important to the defense as anyone.

Another talented Hokie beset by injuries. Hopefully the knee isn't a problem. DJ has size and hands. He's a great red zone target.

Andrew Miller a nice solid choice, and hard worker. He will impress someone.

Excellent speed to the ball. Hopefully he works on coverage skills because VT always uses the extra DB for such duties.

At present three names remain unaccounted for:

  1. Jack Tyler, MLB
  2. Tyrel Wilson, DE
  3. JR Collins, DE

Hopefully we can update you very soon with their destinations.