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Hokies In The NFL: Ryan Williams Wastes No Time Finding Work, Cody Grimm Inches Closer

J. Meric

Ryan Williams was unemployed less than a week. The Dallas Cowboys worked him out earlier today and he was signed immediately. Hopefully this signifies that his injury issues are behind him. The Cowboys have incumbent DeMarco Murray and a series of Big 12 territory running backs who schooled in Texas and Oklahoma. From the looks of things he has a chance to compete for carries immediately. He'll have a 1st round OT in Zack Martin to run behind.

Good for Ryan, hopefully he can break the string of injury plagued Virginia Tech running back NFL careers.

Cody Grimm Trying Out With Panthers

Nothing more to report at this time, but hopefully he gets the job. As always he'll be at a size disadvantage, being the tweener he is, but hopefully his experience sets him apart. Unfortunately, he hasn't played in an NFL game since 2012, and not regularly since 2011. He also suffered two embarrassing incidents of public intoxication which soured his relations with Tampa, the organization that drafted him. The combination of off-field issues, his broken leg, and a badly injured hamstrung conspired to keep him out of the league in 2013. Here's hoping that Carolina affords him a fresh start. We'll be back with more news on Hokies assuming jobs in the NFL as they come. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!