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New Gobbler Country Tee!

Much like the Hokie football program, we've now got alternate logos! Check out our selection of fine T-shirts.

Nothing says Virginia Tech in the modern age like alternate uniforms and logos. The football program has done its best to become the Oregon of the East by wearing dozens of helmet designs and uniform combinations with mixed response from the public. As such, it's only fitting that we here at Gobbler Country join the fray with our own alternate logos which are in my opinion, far better executed than anything Tech has done recently.

I consulted my dear friend Emily Swan for this project. She's a graphic designer working in garment decoration. She does sequential illustrations on the side (that means comics) and you can see some of her art at her website

I can assure you, I did a great deal of supervising on this project such as picking the font and giving vague directions regarding the layout. Mostly, I made suggestions accompanied by wild gesticulations that varied based upon my daily caffeine intake. All to make sure we made a quality product for our loyal readers.

We have both the white t-shirt shown up top and the maroon version which is ever-so-slightly different. We also still have our original logo tee in both white and maroon.



There are plenty of options for you to show your support for our work here at Gobbler Country and we will continue to add to the choices in the future. Suggestions are welcome in the comments section below.