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Hokies Basketball: South Florida Forward Zach LeDay Transfers To Virginia Tech

So the Hokies still wind up plucking a player from South Florida even after John Egbunu opted for Billy Donovan and Florida over the Hokies.

Buzz Williams has snagged yet another commitment and the second transfer into the program in the form of 6'7", 245-pound forward Zach Leday.

Leday played two seasons at South Florida and becomes the latest in a string of players leaving the program after head coach Stan Heath was fired at the end of the season.

Just like the Hokies, a coaching change has created a scenario where the Bulls will look drastically different next season. So where does LeDay fit in with Tech?

Last season, he played in all 32 games for South Florida, starting 16. He averaged 3.2 PPG and 2.6 RPG including a season-high 12 points and six rebounds at SMU.

Like fellow transfer Seth Allen, Leday will sit out next season and be eligible to play as a junior in 2015-16.

Obviously, the Hokies need immediate help at power forward with C.J. Barksdale and walk-on Christian Beyer the only current players at the position. Unfortunately, LeDay will have to sit out a year though he does give Tech a big body to go against in practice this season.

Looking at his highlights is a bit of a mixed bag. He has an unconventional shooting stroke but decent range and shows the ability to drive to the basket. As far as his shot goes, I'll use a golf analogy to ease any concerns. If Jim Furyk was just some guy that walked in off the street, I doubt any PGA professional would say, "Hey everything looks great! Don't change a thing."

The point being, don't worry about how it looks as long as the ball goes in the hole. Zach certainly doesn't seem to lack confidence in his shot. He runs the floor pretty well for his size and actually reminds me a bit of C.J. Barksdale with a slightly better handle of the ball.

The kicker is that current Hokie assistant coach Steve Roccaforte coached LeDay at South Florida before joining Buzz Williams' staff. While Zach may not have been Tech's first choice at the position, Roccaforte must be comfortable enough with his skill set to bring him on board the good ship "Hokie Rebuild".

I'm not sure LeDay will become a reliable starter at Tech, but he certainly looks like a guy who can give valuable minutes off the bench and provides solid depth. Now instead of zero power forwards on the roster in 2015-16, there's at least one and that gives Buzz a head start.

Tech is also hosting JUCO power forward Shane Henry this weekend. If he and Buzz hit it off, that will certainly finish off this year's recruiting class. Tech may still try to add another player if that doesn't work out, but at this point the options are dwindling.