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Virginia Tech Football Recruiting: DE Trevon Hill Selects Hokies over Tar Heels

Perhaps news of Kevin Bronson moving on to South Florida helped cement this decision for the Hokies.

Finally a little good news. After losing very public battles to lesser SEC schools for OL Austin Clark (South Carolina) and DL Dee Fullwood (Kentucky) it's about time the Hokie recruiting staff scored a win. Today's win comes in Defensive End form with Trevon Hill, Salem (Virginia Beach) electing to join Charley WIles and his typically imposing unit. The 6'3, 210 weak-side end has both the speed and power necessary to get to the QB in a hurry. He is currently the second-ranked Hokie in terms of his composite rank on 247 behind CB Mook Reynolds, a four-star.

Coaches Bryan Stinespring and Cornell Brown helped close the deal and get a rare Virginia Beach prospect to choose the Hokies. We can only hope that this decision will lead to more 757 area talent to come. With it being reported that four hokie coaches visited him, signs are there that the program is rededicating itself to earning back it's share of the beach territories. 247 rates him the 14th best player in the state of Virginia.

Amazingly, the Hokies hadn't had a commitment in the entire month of June. The last recruit the Hokies had pledge was OLB Carson Lydon of Tarpon Springs, FL. All seven of the Hokies commitments are on the defensive side of the football to this point. It was important for VT to sign a recruit or two heading into the big camp on July 14 just to set the tone. If we hadn't signed anyone since late May, we might have come off a bit desperate.

With news of Kevin Bronson having a falling out with Virginia Tech over academics, one potential impediment to Hill's rapid development was mitigated and the future should be bright for him, whether he redshirts or not. Currently rated a three-star prospect, the potential is there for him to make a big leap this year. And this leads to my well-cultured Hokie pessimism. Once those Virginia Beach kids build themselves up to four stars, that's when the Nick Sabans and Les Miles take notice. It stinks not wanting your unheralded three stars to exploded their senior years for fear of them being poached, but as a Hokie fan that's a reality.

Fortunately for VT, Hill's criteria for his decision was heavily weighted towards making sure his parents could be within driving distance. And with his major suitors in Clemson and UNC having pretty stocked cupboards at DE it only solidified things.

As we move forward into recruiting season with our fingers crossed, the rumblings have grown louder and louder. We can look at it two ways:

1) The staff just can't close anymore. Too much is up in the air about Beamer and the future.

2) We are aiming higher and those kids take more work, and won't decide until late in the recruiting period. Under Loeffler and Moorehead, the recruiting footprint has grown, and it looks like we're ceding the home turf. But there has to be a bigger picture here. The first recruiting class will be sitting and watching here this season. It's too early to tell. It's nice to see the passion there though after 15-11 over the last two years.

Good job coaches, let's get some more.