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Virginia Tech Football: Coach Beamer Ranks 37th Among 128 FBS Coaches In Quality Of His Playing Career

CBS sports (.com) did a cool little writeup of how each FBS coach fared as a player. I am here with crib notes to supplement that list for you.

Yesterday evening, released a cool feature that detailed the playing career of each of the 128 current FBS coaches. Our own Frank Beamer ranked an impressive 37th on that list. Here is what it says about his career:

37. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech -- Beamer was a three-year starter at cornerback under Jerry Claiborne at Virginia Tech, playing on the Hokies' 1966 and 1968 Liberty Bowl teams.

Pretty straightforward stuff, right? Despite being undersized and not enjoying a pro career, Frank was an anchor, who was perhaps THE charter member of DBlock.

Other notable takeaways from the list include:

  • Notre Dame's two most recent hires are 120th and 128th respectively, with Charlie Weis bringing up the very rear. Why am I not surprised?
  • It appears Coach paid the price for playing in the pre-conference era, when integration was just becoming acceptable in the southern schools. Because his credentials trump several higher ranked coaches who were lesser performers. I mean, who do you want? The three year starter at VT in the late 60s, or a former walk-on who finally cracked the lineup as a reserve at Washington in the '80s (Jim Mora Jr.)?
  • Beamer ranked 2nd among ACC coaches behind (yuck) Al Golden (some might refer to him as pyrite) of Miami. Golden apparently had a big TD catch against the #1 Irish in 1990 for Penn St. Still, #2. Let's hope his Hokies can shoot for #2 in the ACC this year. That would lead to big things.
  • Has anyone seen Ruffin McNeil of East Carolina? That guy must weigh 400 lbs. HE used to play DB?!!?!
  • Nick Saban piggybacked the fine play of future NFL Hall of Famer at Kent St Jack Lambert on his way to an overrated slot at number 47 on the list.
  • Just for a frame of reference, the #s 64 and 65 spots would be the line of demarcation between top half and bottom. Terry Bowden somehow ranks 56th with 17 career rushes for 50 yards at WVU. What a cherubic little bowling ball. So, yeah standards start creeping southwards shortly after Beamer.
  • Can't believe I'm saying this but Mike London was slighted. The UVA coach started four years at Richmond and won team MVP honors as a SR. Went to camp with the early 80s Cowboys of Dorsett, Landry, Randy White ilk. Though he didn't make the pros, he's still better than a number of coaches ahead of him.

Outside of QBs, who comprise 38% of all FBS coaches, defensive backs are the next largest group represented with 20.4%. And only seven coaches made the NFL regular season. As I said a very interesting little study, and I had fun with it. Take a look for yourself, and if you make any cool connections of your own, feel free to comment on them below!

I hope everyone is enjoying the site's new look and all the fresh voices, it was a pleasure sussing out all the applications to find the right mix of people. Stay with us here at Gobbler Country as we continue to ramp up!