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Virginia Tech Football: Frank Beamer Agrees To Contract Extension With Virginia Tech

Entering his 28th season at the helm of Virginia Tech Football, the Head Hokie gets another contract extension through January 1, 2019. That's the Hokies' coach and they're stickin' with 'em!

Kevin C. Cox

Needless to say I was pretty shocked when the news broke. Frank Beamer signed yet another contract extension through the first of 2019. The details and figures have yet to be released at this time.

I was a true believer that 2016 would be his last season, and a succession plan was already in the works for either Bud Foster, Shane Beamer, or the recruitment of a top-tier college football coach. But my thoughts were proven wrong this evening per the announcement from Virginia Tech Athletic Director Whit Babcock and Frank Beamer himself.

Or ARE my thoughts actually proven wrong?

Beamer can still retire when he wants. If he decides to stay until January 1, 2019, he'll be 72 years old, folks. But hey, age is just a number right?

Frank loves Virginia Tech and loves his job. He's going to be the head football coach until he wants to retire or they make him leave. Personally, I think Frank has some gas left and is trying to set up whoever the next head coach is with a solid group of kids to work with. They will have a succession plan in place if they don't already have one right now, and make the transition as smooth as possible. High School players want to come to a solid program with a proven coach and a proven track record. And that's exactly what Virginia Tech offers.

Frank Beamer and Whit Babcock know exactly what they're doing and exactly how to do it. Frank will forever be a part of Virginia Tech Football until the day he dies. But his time as head coach is coming to an end, whether in 2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019. I honestly don't see him coaching past around 2017 if a ten win season doesn't come along in the next few years. Because age, IT'LL GET AFTER YA and so too will unhappy fans. But we all love Beamer, and I'm open to him coaching for as long as he pleases as long as Tech is competing year in and year out.

When he will really step down? Only time will tell.

Editor's Note: The only question is, will we believe it when it's finally announced? Or will we all stay in the cave like that Japanese WWII soldier who emerged after 30+ years thinking the war was still on.