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Virginia Tech Hokies Football: VT Enters Coaches Poll For First Time In 2014 Season

Yet they are still ranked behind the Buckeyes.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Update, Monday 5:20 AM: VT checked in at #17 in the AP. AP always gives us more respect than the coaches. No matter, preseason polls are possibly the biggest sham in all of sport. Just a way to keep feeding the rich kids with a silver spoon. Enjoy your work week folks, and stay with us we wrap up OSU and get cracking on ECU Week!--Flyers 13

As you can see below the big road win vs Ohio State has boosted the Hokies into the Top 25, where they debut at #19.This makes VT the 2nd highest ranked team in the ACC right now behind the Seminoles of FSU who remain national champs and unbeaten at #1. Clemson and UNC narrowly made the list at #24 and #25 respectively. It is apparent pollsters are still a little gun shy about the ACC and it's place in the national hierarchy.

With a few more wins heading into that UNC game, we could be looking at a top 10, top teen matchup. But knowing the Heels football program as we do, do we expect them to keep up their end of that bargain? Shoot, do we even expect for our Hokies to avoid a stumble of their own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until then, your latest coaches poll. I'll be back in a few hours with the AP, those jokers aren't releasing til late in the day this year for some reason. Beauty sleep I suppose.

Interestingly enough the team we just vanquished is still ranked higher than VT by one spot.

Ranking School First Place votes
1 Florida State 51
2 Alabama 1
3 Oklahoma 3
4 Oregon 6
5 Auburn
6 Georgia 1
7 Baylor
8 Texas A&M
10 USC
11 Notre Dame
13 Michigan State
14 Arizona State
15 Ole Miss
16 Stanford
17 Wisconsin
18 Ohio State
19 Virginia Tech
20 Kansas State
21 Nebraska
22 Missouri
23 South Carolina
24 Clemson
25 North Carolina