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Aaron Moorehead Leaves VT for Texas A&M

Moorehead leaves Blacksburg after two strong seasons as VT's Wide Receiver's Coach.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Sources have confirmed that Virginia Tech Wide Receiver's coach Aaron Moorehead has left to take over as Wide Receiver's coach at Texas A&M. This does not come as a surprise with how successful he has been coaching players on the field as well as the success he has had on the recruiting trail.

Many if not all of Virginia Techs current commits who were recruiting by Moorehead have confirmed that they will still be Hokies. This is good news as many of the highest rated recruits in this class were recruited by Moorehead.

The lateral move for Moorehead was a swift process that was a tough loss for Virginia Tech and Frank Beamer's staff. The Hokies will want to identify several candidates for the vacant position and find a replacement soon.

Go Hokies!