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Potential Top 10 Tackle Names Toughest Foe

T.J. Clemmings Sets the Record Straight

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Clemmings has the world by a string.  Clemmings played at Pitt, and after changing sides of the ball, is widely considered in the top 2, or the absolute best tackle prospect  A projected top ten pick in the N.F.L. draft, Clemmings was asked who was the toughest competitor he faced in his college career. .  In A.C.C. country there are two names that should be remembered. If Jameis Winston is already off your board, than look to Clemmings.  I had the opportunity to hear T.J. address the media at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL.  His answer surprised me.

"I would tell them Dadi Nicolas of Virginia Tech, " replied Clemmings when asked of his most potent foe.  This coming from a guy who had faced Miami, Georgia Tech, and Iowa.  If this is the future for the Hokies D-Line, than I think we will be just fine.

Nicolas submitted paperwork to evaluate his draft status and if he scored a first or second round grade he was gone. Apparently the news was bad for Dadi, but great for Hokies everywhere, as he returns for his senior season.  Nicolas registered nine sacks, but more impressively 17.5 tackles for loss in the 2014 campaign.  As a senior leader, life looks good.