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A Brief History Of Hokies in the Super Bowl

Several Have Rings, Others Only Memories

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There is only one Super Bowl. The big game used to wrap up January, but the new age brings us a February finish.  I was in a text battle last night with two die hard L.S.U. fans as we watched the Pro Bowl.  The "discussion" quickly devolved into whose program fuels the N.F.L..  I was pulling out the usual suspects: Bruce Smith, Michael Vick, and the like. These two Cajuns kept reaching into the recesses of N.F.L. rosters to provide ammunition.  After my buddy and I (Google) quickly fact checked these two, I had only one option.  "We have had more impactful guys in the Super Bowl."  At that point my buddy (Google), left the conversation to retire to other more sensical endeavors like mapping the south of Sudan.  Left to my own devices, I drove home with my phone on mute.

Waking up this morning I was greeted by two things: 9 missed texts, and an unwavering belief that my proud school has been represented in the big game in meaningful ways.  I had written a big check.  These two would be bringing up my bold and brash statement every chance they got.   Say what you will about L.S.U. fans, they have great memories, except the game we beat them at Lane in Saban's first year.  That never happened.

JimBob Deachaux (named changed to protect the Tiger fan) in ten years will be playing golf with me.  "Man, that drive is lost. Just like your take on Hokies being Super Bowl studs.  Lost."  Thanks JimBob, I can take it from here.

5.) Carroll Dale-3 appearances with Green Bay and Minnesota. 2 rings.  Not only that, Dale played three different positions in his three different Super Bowl starts.  He is a Hokie legend, but the problem is he played pre-ESPN, so many Hokie fans only see his flag at Lane and wonder.

4.) Don Strock played in 2 Super Bowls for the Dolphins, but never secured the hardware.  He was part of the Don Shula primetime, but no rings=no love.

3.) Bruce Smith seems like the easiest call on this list except for one glaring omission.  Bruce probably has many fine pieces of jewelry on his sprawling estate. Sadly, none of his collection houses the penultimate fashion statement.

2.) The Late 90's, Early 2000 guys get lumped into one category.  Rings-Check. Huge Blacksburg history-Check.  The only reason I am lumping these players into the same category is because some of these guys got rings being role players.  Role players except Antonio Freeman from the Packers, who played a huge role in the Favre years.  This group also includes Cornell Brown, Vaughn Hebron, and Todd Washington.  Wrapping up this group was Pierson Prioleau, who won a ring with the Saints.  Unfortunately it was the Saints, because L.S.U. fans consider this grad school for the Bayou Bengals.

1.) Kam Chancellor was considered by many to be the M.V.P. of last years' Super Bowl. No big deal right? No big deal except that Andy Benoit who works for MMQB and Peter King (kind of a big deal) wrote a great article explaining this.

Kam’s the Man Who Should’ve Been MVP

The Seahawks’ suffocating defense in Super Bowl XLVIII wasn’t just the best performance of the season, but of the last decade in the NFL. Only one thing went wrong on their way to the Lombardi Trophy

My buddy Google and I were on speaking terms later this afternoon.  After a few searches it became abundantly clear I was right all along.  Kevin Faulk might have the 3 rings, but no real names jump out.  If you text me, tweet me, or carrier pigeon me, Joseph Addai I will laugh in your face.  Addai had Peyton, Kam has Russell Wilson.  Enjoy watching Kam making history this Sunday.  To the L.S.U. folks: enjoy the gumbo, it might take awhile to get on the Hokies level.