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Hokies in the NFL

A quick look at Hokies in the Leagure

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 of the NFL season was special for many reasons. My Carolina Panthers (it is okay if you don't like them, I come in peace) moved to 3-0, which is good because they are winning games they are supposed to win. A better reason for why Week 3 was fun to watch was because several former Hokies were making headlines around the league. Below you can see the current breakdown of Hokies on active rosters.

Virginia Tech
Duane Brown Houston Texans Offensive Tackle
Kam Chancellor Seattle Seahawks Safety
Antone Exum Jr. Minnesota Vikings Cornerback
Brandon Flowers San Diego Chargers Cornerback
Kyle Fuller Chicago Bears Cornerback
Corey Fuller Detroit Lions Wide Receiver
James Gayle Washington Redskins Linebacker
DeAngelo Hall Washington Redskins Cornerback
Jayron Hosley New York Giants Cornerback
Kyshoen Jarrett Washington Redskins Safety
Will Montgomery Chicago Bears Center
Eddie Royal Chicago Bears Wide Receiver
Darryl Tapp Detroit Lions Defensive End
Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills Quarterback
Michael Vick Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback

Several Hokies I would like to draw your attention to are Tyrod Taylor and Michael Vick. Both are former 757 standouts and Hokie QBs that helped their respective teams to victory on Sunday.

Taylor is on fire and it was just a matter of time. He has been poised, dynamic and most importantly, consistent. Tyrod, with the help of the Bills defense, beat up on the Miami Dolphins on the road. Taylor threw for 277 yards, had 3 touchdowns and finished with the highest QBR of any QB who played on Sunday (Aaron Rodgers was unstoppable on Monday night and just edged Tyrod in the ratings).

Mike Vick will also be a starting QB on Sunday as he has stepped up for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Ben Roethlisberger is recovering from a lower-body injury. He saw action late in the contest against the Rams on Sunday and completed 5 of 5 passes. It will be interesting how often coach Mike Tomlin lets Vick drop back and do his thing since the return of Le'Veon Bell has Steelers fans set on running the ball.

Sunday was also the return of "Bam Bam" Kam Chancellor as the Seahawks defense pitched a shutout against the Chicago Bears. Coincidence? I think not. Chancellor has been a rock for the Seahawks secondary over the past two seasons and with him deciding to end his hold out I am sure this year will be no different.

Let us know which Hokies you are excited to watch in Week 4!

Go Hokies!