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Buzz Williams—Husband, Father, Coach and Mentor.

For Buzz Williams coaching is about more than just basketball; however, every lesson he teaches translates to basketball, completely.

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Virginia Tech Men's Basketball coach, Buzz Williams, might be one of the hardest working coaches in college athletics. He is a proven recruiter, game-planner and mentor, but coaching is about much more than basketball. Buzz believes that coaching is a life-long obligation that he owes to all of the players that he recruits and convinces to come play for him.

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Back in the middle of July, 2015 Buzz traveled to Boston, Mass to support his former stand-out Jae Crowder sign a long-term contract with the Boston Celtics who he helped to an unexpected playoff appearance (Brad Stevens can coach). Buzz was not in the area recruiting or attending a coaches clinic he was there to support his "guy" and midway through the press conference Buzz jumped up and grabbed the microphone off the stage to tell everyone in attendance and watching remotely what kind of person and player Jae is. In the post-press conference interview Jae praised Buzz for everything that he had done for him and reinforced that Buzz is the guy he calls on when he needs to talk to someone or needs guidance. Like I said earlier, it is about more than coaching for Buzz Williams. Basketball is not a game, but a way of life and a medium in which Buzz is able to build relationships and learn from others.

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The Hokies are roughly a month away from starting their campaign, but they are doing more than focusing on learning the defensive schemes or offensive plays. It is about building a culture and gathering support from every former, current a future HokieNation member. One such initiative is Hokies Hoops and Heels, which is a chance for the female members of HokieNation to engage with coaches, players and more importantly the program.

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Buzz is having a great impact on Virginia Tech and is still aiming towards his ultimate goal of making Virginia Tech a premier college basketball program. He wants to win, but also understands that before you can win, sometimes you need the support of the fan base.

Go Hokies!