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Virginia Tech:Four Games In

Never give up on the Hokies

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, we can all say that this has been a long week as Hokie fans.  So why don't we do this; take a deep breath, slowly in and slow out.  Again, slowly in and slow out.  One more time, slowly in and slowly out.  Now, doesn't that feel a little bit better?  Now, I know there is quite a bit of frustration out there and I get it, honestly I do, but there are a few things we must consider before we roast our beloved coaching staff and decide it is time to move on.

#1. Virginia Tech is only four games into the season.  I know that in the age of Twitter and Facebook this seems as though it is all we would need, but let me stop you right there, it isn't.  As Hokie Nation already knows, not only was Rome not built in a day, but neither was any season as a Hokie fan.  Most of you already know, but I can point back to 2010 as a reminder if you need one, to show you that things aren't always as bad as they seem after four games and the loss against an inferior opponent isn't the end of the freaking world.  I cannot guarantee that this team is going to pull a rabbit out of its hat, but you can't tell me that they won't.

#2.  Injuries are killing our team.  I know that we don't want to hear it.  It would be great if we had the guys OSU has who could come in and take over in that same sort of vain, but we don't.  And honestly, we never will.  Sorry you guys, but this is NEVER going to be a 5 star program.  Even if we win multiple national titles, there is no way we have the kind of depth an Ohio State has.  There has been so much talk about the 757 and the players that we are missing, but if you can point to the kind of depth we would need to lose the top recruit from our quarterback, middle-linebacker, and corner positions, then you are smarter than I am because honestly I just don't see it.

#3.  Who are we going to get to replace our current staff?  I know Bud Foster is under contract until 2019, but if you are telling me that he stays on no matter who we get, you are out of your mind.  There are very few coaches you could bring in, who would happily say that they will keep the entire defensive staff, who they have never worked with by the way, and only install an offense and recruit.  The only people who would do that we wouldn't really want coaching the team anyway.  So we keep it in house, are you sure?  I will not say that the members of this staff have no chance of being good head coaching material, but none of them have any.  Do you really want the offensive staff we have right now, with the same recruiting prowess?  Because that is exactly what you would get.  So who is your choice and how long are you willing to wait because a change in staff, although it will happen eventually, is going to have growing pains of, at a minimum, three years time.  Are you ready for that!?  Are you ready to wait to make bowl games and still pay the same price for tickets?  Are you going to cheer for a team that loses many of the top recruits that it already has?  Or do you not think that will happen?  Because I promise you that it will.

So what are we left with?  We are left with patience.  As I said, deep breaths are necessary in a time like this.  If this team looks as though they are still going in the wrong direction at the end of the year then IWBIT (In Whit Babcock I Trust) but let's hold our horses until then, shall we?  For while the end is nothing more than a new beginning, the new beginning might be nothing more than the new end.