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Gobbler Country Staff Picks: Pitt vs. Virginia Tech

Staff Picks For Pitt

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Last week we took a collective bath.  Virginia Tech layed an egg on the road, but we have the Panthers coming in to Lane Stadium.  Without further ado, here are the official Gobbler Country Staff Picks:

John Schneider(3-1)

There is no telling where this game is going to go.  Neither team is lighting the world with their brilliant play. Though Peterman is the probable starter, the fact that Voytik killed us last year, and the Hokie's half decade of failure to deal with running quarterbacks effectively leads me to suspect that Jay, and Josh are correct and we are going to see a dose of Voytik that could develop into a serious headache.  Neither team truly has a clear advantage in any one department. Our offense is better than it could be given the circumstances, and our defense is the squad struggling to right itself this season.  I don't see a Wake Forest 2014 situation, but it's going to be wet, sloppy, and uncomfortable for the entire game.  I expect it to be close, and with Joey Slye having serious accuracy problems we are going to have to actually cross the goal line to get points.  The rational homer in me wants to pick Tech;  20 - 14 but 23 to 14 Pitt is a distinct possibility.  I'll go with the Tech choice, because we have way more to lose than Pittsburgh.  That won't hold up if Voytik gets in and starts gashing us like he did last year. 

Roy Hatfield(3-1)

If you truly know how this game will shake out, then I DESPERATELY need stock tips.  Too much inconsistency from the good guys, but I think we win. Tech 21 Pitt 17.

Chelsea Lindner(3-1)

I think weather will definitely be a key factor in this game and especially when it comes to turnovers. With both teams having key players out with injuries, it's hard to predict what either team will look like. However, I think with the burden of the loss last week, and being at home, the Hokies will be able to pull a win, 13-21. 

Joshua Schneider(3-1)

If I told you that I knew any more about this game than anyone else, I'd be lying. I know that our offense isn't terrible and their defense is good- though they haven't played anyone particularly great. I know that their offense isn't great, but our defense has trouble defending running quarterbacks and they've still got Voytik- even if he isn't starting I expect to see him play just because of the trouble Summers gave us. This game is going to be rainy, sloppy, and probably completely inexplicable. We've won in the rain and lost in the rain. I'm going to PRAY Tech wins in a squeaker 20-17, but if I were a gambling man, I'd stay the hell away from the matchup this week. If there's any one thing this game will likely be, it's ugly. Whether it's for Pitt, for Tech, or for both, is unclear until the game ends.

David Kistler(3-1)

Pitt 31 VT 21

And now Pitt is on the board....

Matt Costello(3-1)

This game will be won in the trenches. Losing Fuller for the season is a massive gut punch, but the run defense will be the key in this game. I think the crowd in Lane Stadium comes out flat due to the dreadful weather, as does the team and the Hokies fall behind early. Motley will play another solid game, but not enough timely defensive stops to pull out the W. Panthers win in an ugly one, 24-20. 

Somehow Pitt got to two of our guys. Respect.

CJ Rooks(2-2)

Am I on the only one left that thinks this team will right the ship? Probably not the only guy, but this Hokie squad has loads of talent and I think they will finally put it together. Starting this weekend. There are multiple NFL caliber players and Frank Beamer just needs to find a way to get them to produce. Him and Bud Foster. Pittsburgh is a decent test for Virginia Tech. I think the game won't be decided until the 4th quarter, but I say Hokies will prevail. They are getting zero respect after last weeks loss and that's why I love them on Saturday.
Hokies 24 Pitt 17.

Jay Johnson(2-2)

Just like ECU, when Pitt plays Virginia Tech they play us hard, regardless of records, talent, or expectations. Taking the expected horrible weather into consideration I think we will have a low scoring game as two teams with questionable rushing attacks meet, but with the injury to Pitt starting RB Conner I would give the Hokies the edge in the running game, simply based on their respective performances on the ground thus far. I think VT will see a dual QB threat from Pitt. Voytik ran for 118 yards on VT last year, and I expect we see him out there sharing significant time with starter Peterman. I also think our offensive game plan will be extremely similar to what we saw against ECU – a lot of QB draws and a lot of runs. As a result, I see a fast paced, low scoring game where there will be a lot of punting. Hokies win at a home 17-13.

Joe Roy-Stewart(2-2)

Is this going to be an interesting game or what?  Pitt has had to change some things around this season, especially with the loss of James Conner at RB, but so have the Hokies having lost maybe the three most important players on the team to differing injuries.  The weather is obviously going to be a huge issue and almost definitely cause not only turnovers, but quite possibly unmitigated chaos.  None of us really know what we are going to see out of Tech in this game, but most of the people I've talked to, as well as Vegas, has Tech somehow pulling this thing out.  My fingers are crossed and I'm going 20-10 Hokies. 

There you have it Hokies. What say you Hokie Nation?