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Homecoming Fun!

Homecoming in Blacksburg is always filled with Hokie Spirit
Homecoming in Blacksburg is always filled with Hokie Spirit
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With all the talk recently of new coaches and an unhappy fan base, sometimes it's nice to something that everyone can get behind that is just plain fun.  That is exactly what Homecoming is at Virginia Tech.  Now there might be some feelings of being 18 or 21 again, there may be some flashbacks to nights spent drinking at the Hokie House until 2am, there may even be some bad date memories from a Homecoming dance a few years before college (looking back at those picture, what the hell was I thinking with that hair style and that suit looks more like it should be on a mob character than a 16 year-old kid, but I digress.) But what makes the time so much fun is going back as an Alum and seeing all the people who made life insane and memorable back when your hair was full and the only money you needed were for books, beer, and pizza.

Now of course there are some activities planned that you can go do as you come back home to Blacksburg this weekend.  If you are in town today, at 7pm you can see the Hokie Bird and others literally running wild at the Traditions Spirit Rally at the Graduate Life Center Lawn and Squires Plaza Area, and just by coming by you can win a free shirt, along with watching the HighTechs, Cheerleaders, and the Highty-Tighties.  Good old fashioned fun in my book!

Then on Saturday the fun really starts.  The Homecoming Parade will get things going at 9am all throughout Downtown Blacksburg.  There will be floats, music, and just about anything else that you can think of there.  And if you have small kids, you know how much they enjoy going to a good parade.

After getting the party started, it's time to ramp it up with a tailgate!  Find your Alumni group and say hi if you can, but make sure to find some friends and enjoy a few drinks and some great food before the game. Speaking of the game, at 3:30 the grand finale of the weekend is of course the Hokies taking on the #23 Blue Devils in Lane Stadium.  As all good Tech fans do, cheer loud and cheer proud for your boys on Saturday, they need all the support they can get.

Of course there will be some people asking you to up your Hokie Club donations or to start giving to this school or that.  There will be people who are only there to rub in your face how amazing there job is now or what there summer home looks like, but as good Hokies, I'm sure you will steer the conversation to football and other such things rather than boasting back.

The point is, this is a chance to enjoy yourself and to show your loved ones some of the people and places who helped to make who you are.  Enjoy this weekend, relive some old memories, and make a few new friends.  You never know, that kid of yours might end up being a Hokie one day themselves.  At least we can always dream.